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4 Reasons Behind a Clogged Bathroom Sink | Plumber in Rhome, TX

4 Reasons Behind a Clogged Bathroom Sink | Plumber in Rhome, TX

By now, you are probably familiar with toilet and kitchen sink clogs. They are easy to handle because you know there’s something stuck in the drain pipe. These issues can be fixed by a plumber in Rhome, TX. The real problem is when the sink in the bathroom gets clogged. You think to yourself, what could have possibly gotten stuck down the pipe that is causing a blockage?

Well, it isn’t tissue paper for sure, but if you stop for a minute and think, you will find out that there are a number of things that can cause a clog. Instead of messing with the pipe located underneath the sink, we would suggest that you call for water line repair in Rhome, TX.

Following are four of the most common reasons why the sink in your bathroom is clogging:

1.   Hair

Yes, hair! Those morning shaves, nose hair, and hair from any part of the body thrown in the bathroom sink can cause the pipe to clog. When hair gets wet, it clumps together and sticks to the walls of the pipe. As time passes, the water pressure causes the clogs to become bigger and bigger, which eventually leads to slow water drain. What makes this mess worse is that when you gargle or brush your teeth, all that foam attaches itself to the clump of hair and blocks the drain pipe completely.

A myth attached to bathroom sink clogs is that only certain hair “types” cause the blockage. Well, here’s the truth: from facial hair to pet fur, anything can cause the blockage. No matter how small they are, your hair is likely to get stuck in the pipeline. A great way to get rid of this problem is to instruct your plumber in Rhome, TX to install a straining device on the drain, so that the hair does not enter the pipeline in the first place.

2.   Blockage in the P-Trap

You see that p-trap underneath the sink that forms a “U”? This pipe connects with the drain pipe of the sink, which leads to the sewer. The reason why this pipe is in this shape is because it prevents the foul-smelling gas and toxic waste from coming back up the drain into the sink. Moreover, the pipe’s bend holds water and creates suction, which is required for the drain line to clear.

Since the drain pipe is so small, it catches the waste and causes a blockage. From grease to chunks of soap and the accidental fall of a ring or an earring can cause the clog. An indication of this clog is the strange stuttering and gurgling noise that you hear every time the water clears out from the sink into the drain pipe. A simple solution for this mess is to either get the p-trap cleaned or changed by a plumber in Rhome, TX. You can also go for drain cleaning in Rhome, TX to cover all the bases, just in case the clog extends beyond the sink.

3.   Soap Scum

The magnesium and calcium ions in water interact with soap and cause the soap scum to harden. The filmy and chalky substance slowly builds inside the pipe walls and catches other things coming down the p-trap such as hair. You can imagine the mess all this waste creates, which is what causes the blockage. The reason why soap scum is the worst of all blockages is because it’s slippery and sticky. You cannot clean this mess using a snake, which is why it is necessary to call a plumber in Rhome, TX. In the mean time, you can clear the blockage with a water softener.

4.   Hard Water

Just like soap scum, hard water also leaves white residue behind, which you can see all over the bathroom. While hard water is not harmful, it damages your drain. When minerals from hard water build up in the pipeline, a clog is formed that weakens the pipe. Trying to fix this on your own can damage the entire pipeline. In order to fix this problem, you need to call for professional drain cleaning in Rhome, TX.

When the pipes get damaged, all outlets that supply water in the bathroom get affected. The pipe joints either shift from their places or develop small holes. Damage caused by these problems often lead to a faulty toilet, clogged sink, and leaking tub plug. We have already addressed the first and second problems. Let’s move on to the third:

How to Check For a Leaking Tub Plug

1.   Inspect the Shower

The number one cause of concern is the showerhead. When you are done showering, inspect all corners of the tub to check if there are any breaks. If the shower head is at fault, then you will see water running from the walls. If the drain is at fault, the water will be flowing from the edge.

2.   Check the Pipeline

Due to broken or damages pipes, you’re likely to see water surrounding the bathtub. The cause of concern here is the waterline. When the water pressures change in the pipeline, a leak occurs. If the water is constantly leaking, then the cold and hot water lines are not at fault. For this, you need to call for water line repair in Rhome, TX.

3.   The Tub Test

Fill the bathtub with water using a bucket. Do not drain the water until 30 minutes. During this time, check for leaks. If you see even a hint of water leaking, then the problem lies with the drain. If not, you should call a licensed plumber in Rhome, TX. The sooner the leak is caught, the longer your plumbing system will remain intact.

These problems might not seem that big to you but as time passes, they cause a bigger damage. Whether you are dealing with soap scum, clogged hair ball, or hard water residue, refrain from reaching for chemical cleansers. The best way to take care of these problems is to call for professional plumbing in Rhome, TX. Benjamin Franklin is a plumbing company that deals with drain clogs on regular bases. To know further about their services, call 817-983-