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5 Common Plumbing Mistakes | Tips from Your Rhome, TX Plumber

5 Common Plumbing Mistakes | Tips from Your Rhome, TX Plumber

Having running water is something many Rhome, TX, get used to, to the point that they take it for granted. When something goes wrong, however, lack of preparation usually leads to two common reactions. The first is usually sheer panic, while the second is immediately trying to rectify the problem.

Neither of these is the right way to approach the problem, and the best thing to do is always to call a plumber. Here are three common plumbing mistakes, along with the best ways to avoid them.

1.  Trying to Fix Everything

To start off, you generally shouldn’t try to handle all your plumbing problems by yourself. Without experience, it’s very likely that you might end making whatever problem you’re experiencing much worse. Not only will this mean higher repair costs, but it can also result in extensive water damage and major inconveniences.

Even if you think you understand the exact problem, calling a plumber is the safest way to go about restoring your plumbing. Some problems can appear very similar to one you might have dealt with before when, in fact, they are vastly different and require a totally different approach.

Of course, there are some problems that you may be able to fix. However, these stop at cleaning faucets, light clogging and other easy-enough issues, When you find yourself going deeper into the innards of your plumbing system, that’s always a sure sign to call a plumber.

It’s easy to underestimate the complexity of a plumbing problem, and fixing a leak in the bathroom can be much more difficult than, say, switching out a showerhead that’s grown loose.

2.  Failing to the Turn the Water Off

Failing to turn the water off while you wait for the plumber to come and see what’s wrong in your Rhome, TX, can itself be a huge mistake. However, it can be worsened by combining it with attempting to fix the problem yourself. For a leak, for example, it can mean that you experience heavy flooding and potential damage to property. For cracks, it can mean that the continued flow of water will damage pipes, particularly when there’s some tinkering going on.

To be safe, always make sure that you turn off the water and then call a plumber. This will ensure that you damage to your plumbing. Additionally, don’t leave the water on while you try to investigate yourself, as it might be a problem that’s starting off in one area of your plumbing and showing signs in another.

3.  Not Using Proper Tools

If you decide that your Rhome, TX, home is suffering from a minor problem that shouldn’t take much to solve, make sure you’re at least using the right tools. Remember, those kinds of problems should only be limited to things like tightening a faucet and nothing to advance, or prone or wreaking havoc if not done professionally by a plumber.

Without the right tools, you’ll have a much tougher time getting the job done. Firstly, it will be very frustrating to get anything done. Secondly, the time you’ll spend to scrounge for the right tool will mean you’re exposing your home to greater damage.

If it’s a leak, it will most likely grow. The result of that can be as severe as a bad case of flooding in your home. To solve any plumbing problems you’re experiencing in your Rhome, TX, call us and we’ll provide a professional plumber.

4.  Reaching for the Drain Cleaner

Many homeowners reach for the drain cleaner as the first port of call when they are experiencing plumbing problems. This is a bad move for a number of reasons, and they all spell trouble for your plumbing in the future.

Firstly, the liquid cleaner might fail to deal with the clog. When that happens, your plumber will have to remove the trap arm when they fix the problem. It will be lined with corrosive drain cleaner, which will result in a much longer and complicated repair process.

Even if it works and everything appears fine and dandy, the drain cleaner might have created problems that will lurk for months to come. Using too much of it, or too regularly, damages metal traps and pipes. Over time, these results in cracks, which in turn cause leaks.

In addition, liquid drain cleaner does heavy damage to the rubber gasket that is used in couplings, also resulting in leaks in your Rhome, TX, home.

5.  Taking Things Apart

While we’ve talked about doing things by yourself, we should also mention something that can have potentially much worse outcomes. If you find yourself disconnecting parts, it’s likely that you’ve crossed the line when calling the plumber would have the best possible decision. While it may appear that the parts are distinctive enough and it will be easy to remember where to put them all after use, that’s hardly ever the case. For examples wyes, tees and elbows can be notoriously difficult to distinguish.

It’s not like one can be put in the place of the other without any consequences. Mixing them up them results in code violations, along with the discomfort of unpleasant smells in the home. If they are mixed in the wrong order, there’s also a possibility that drain water will flow very quickly down a steep slope, causing it to siphon water out of the p-trap. The end-result is sewer gas entering the house.

If you think the plumbing problem you’re experiencing can only be fixed by taking parts apart, that’s a clear sign that the safest way to proceed is to call a plumber.

When plumbing problems strike, many homeowners tend to either panic or attempt to settle the issue by themselves. The latter can be alright for smaller problems, but in that situation, it’s also very easy to assess the situation wrongly.

To avoid causing further damage, the first step should always be to turn off the water. After that, it’s always advisable to pick up the phone and call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to come and fix it professionally.