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6 Well Water Problems That a Faulty Filtration System Can Cause | Plumber in Rhome, TX

6 Well Water Problems That a Faulty Filtration System Can Cause | Plumber in Rhome, TX

Did your next sip of water tasted a little funny? Let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the heart of the problem – your water filtration system has been infected and there’s a possibility that you might be drinking dangerous chemicals. If your filtration system is connected to well water and the pipe lay down is near the sewage line, your guess is probably right – somehow the sewage line has burst and sewage water is mixing with fresh water. This is something that makes you vomit even when you think about it. Companies providing repairs for water filtration system in Rhome, TX know how dangerous this problem can be because infections from sewage water can be deadly.

To help you understand the basics of a water filtration system in Rhome, TX being affected, here are three common problems you might encounter when the lines are compromised:

1.       Stains

If your pipe has copper fixtures, then it’s common to see blue or green stains. This happens when there’s a pH imbalance. Over time, the pipes tend to get damaged due to the corrosion and start leaving stains in areas such as the shower, toilet, sink and dishwasher. These stains are hard to remove and are unsightly. Though copper in water is not a big deal but when the pipes start to corrode, too much copper in the water can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

2.       Bad Taste and Odor

After the change in color, comes the bad taste and odor. This water has a smell matching that of a rotten egg due to high sulfur content present in it. When too much chlorine is added into the water to purify it and kill bacteria, the taste of water changes. This negative affect often occurs when the filtration system is not working properly. This is why it is necessary to get a water filtration system in Rhome, TX installed by experts.

3.       Algae, Sand, Sediment and Other Debris

Finally, the constant color changes, too much of chlorine and the bad smell makes the water cloudy. When the water pipes develop algae, the water becomes toxic. Although some algae types are not toxic, you never know when you are dealing with an exception that might cause a bad reaction. This is why a water filtration system in Rhome, TX is necessary.

Chemicals and Minerals that Make Water Undrinkable

1.     Hard Water

Hard water can really make living hell. It shrinks the clothes, destroys your skin and makes showering difficult. This is due to high levels of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. Around 85% of America’s well water is hard water.

Some symptoms of hard water include:

  • Flakey hair
  • Clothes losing color
  • Low water pressure cause by pipes logged with mineral buildup
  • Bathtub and sink stain with white residue
  • Scale buildup in appliances that work with water

Hard water not only decreases the lifespan of appliances, but also makes water pipes brittle. If the filtration system is not installed properly, the white residue builds in the filter over time and reaches all the other pipes in the house. Instead of going for water softeners, call for a water filtration system in Rhome, TX and get it fixed immediately.

2.     Fluoride

Assessing whether your well water has a high content of Fluoride can only be done by testing it. Plumbing companies recommend that water should have only 0.7 mg/L of Fluoride. The most common symptom from fluoride water is dental fluorosis. This is a condition that causes brown stains on your teeth.

3.     Acid Water

Water that run off from plant life decomposition and mining operations drop the water’s pH level way below than what is considered drinkable.

Some symptoms of acid water include:

  • Cloudy water
  • Blue-green stains in the sink
  • Bitter-tasting water
  • Corroded fixtures and faucets
  • Pinhole leaks

Acid water can cause irreversible physical and neurological health problems. At one point, the pH level will drop so low that the pipe might burst. It’s better to get the water filtration system in Rhome, TX repaired before the pipe bursts and causes an irrevocable damage.

4.     Manganese and Iron

Both these minerals are found in bedrock and dissolve easily into groundwater. Some symptoms of manganese and iron include:

  • Black stains or specks
  • Oily water surface
  • Orange, red or brown stains on bathtub and sinks
  • Metallic taste
  • Orange water

While the minerals do not cause any irreparable damage, they do make for an ungodly sight.

5.     Hydrogen Sulfide

Water that contains traces of Hydrogen Sulfide is usually due to organic material decomposition. When the water is infested with bacteria that reduces sulfate, a gas is produced, which when reacted with hot water rods, can be deadly. Some symptoms of Hydrogen Sulfide include:

  • Smell of rotten eggs
  • Stains on the kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Stained laundry
  • Discolored silverware

A new and durable water filtration system in Rhome, TX is required if you are dealing with water infected with Hydrogen Sulfide. When the gas accumulates in the well, it can pose a poisonous, as well as flammable hazard.

6.     Fecal Bacteria

When we see a slight discoloration in water, the first thing that comes to our mind is that somehow the water line and the sewage line got mixed. When fecal traces enter drinking water, it introduces a bacterium called E. coli. This bacterium can cause problems such as increase in gastrointestinal illness and vomiting. A water filtration system in Rhome, TX usually contains UV protection that stops the bacteria from multiplying. In fact, it kills the bacteria and prevents it from reproducing.

Getting a water filtration system in Rhome, TX is extremely important if you are using well water. Chances of well water being infected are more as compared to underground water. Benjamin Franklin is a family owned and operated company that offers various services and products, along with water filtration system in Rhome, TX. To know more about their services, visit their website or call at 817-983-7876.