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Arlington Plumbers – Preventing Gas Leaks

Arlington Plumbers – Preventing Gas Leaks

Gas-related accidents account for many deaths per year. Gas leaks are something that every homeowner should take very seriously. In this article we will go over various things that can happen around the home that can cause a gas leak. We will also discuss methods in how to detect gas leaks and what you should do in the event that you suspect that there is a gas leak in your home.

What Can Cause a Gas Leak?

One of the most common reasons for a gas leak in a residential home is usually due to a poorly fitted valve, lack of maintenance or aged appliances that have broken down. If there are appliances in your home that have not been correctly fitted then gas can and will leak. Whenever there is a situation such as this it is most commonly because the gas hose that secures itself around the appliance to deliver the gas was not tightened or installed correctly.  Gas appliances should always be installed by an accredited engineer. The professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, TX can help you with this.

If your appliances in your home are old and you are having to have them maintained more often then you may want to look into having them replaced. If you cannot afford to replace the appliance just yet, do not look for some random handyman on craigslist or the newspaper that offers rates too good to be true. Is the quest to save a buck or two really worth the risks of serious injury or even death by having your gas appliances worked on by someone with questionable credentials?

Caution should always be addressed when around old appliances that use gas as a power source. There are some signs that you can look for when dealing with old appliances that help ascertain whether they are faulty or not.

When Should You Address a Gas leak? Now or Later?

First and foremost, you should never ever put it off if you suspect you have a gas leak.  A gas leak can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, fire or even cause an explosion. If you smell gas, you should act immediately and deal with it.

How Can You Detect a Gas Leak?

The most common sign of a leak in your home would be the smell of rotten eggs. This repugnant smell is intentionally mixed with your gas for the safety of homeowners.  If you smell this then you should immediately get your loved ones and leave your home.  Do not call anyone. Do not turn on any lights or electronics. Gather your loved ones and leave the home, leaving the door open as you exit.  Once you are at a safe distance from the home you will contact the Fire department and then contact a professional Arlington plumber such as the plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, TX.

When it comes to your household appliances there are several clear signs that can indicate a leak, even if you do not smell gas. They are as follows:

  • Excessive condensation on your homes windows, or a musty smell in the air.
  • Look for soot or any black or brown scorched areas around your appliances.
  • If the flame is orange or yellow other than blue, there could possibly be a leak.
  • And if the pilot light blows out all of the time.


How Can You Prevent a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks are something you do not want to take for granted.  It is much easier and safer to assist in stopping gas leaks from occurring rather than dealing with it when and if it happens.

First, make sure that all of your gas equipped appliances are installed by an accredited engineer and ensure that your appliances are maintained on a regular basis for possible signs of wear and tear.

Likewise, if you are performing maintenance on your gas equipped appliances make sure that the plumber is qualified to handle the job.  You should also keep carbon monoxide detectors in your home and check them on a monthly basis to make sure that they are working.  These will not break the bank and you can find them readily available at most hardware stores in the Arlington area. Ensure that the detectors are installed in an open space such as a hallway.

If you have any questions, concerns or need further assistance give us a call. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Arlington, Texas is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  If you suspect you may have a possible gas leak or require maintenance do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Do not delay, call us today.

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