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Arlington Plumbing – Water Heater Repair – Part Two

Arlington Plumbing – Water Heater Repair – Part Two

Hot Water Is Too Hot

If your hot water heater is producing hot water that is too hot then the first thing you should do is try turning down the temperature on the water heater’s temperature gauge.  Take note of the current setting before turning the gauge to a lower setting and then wait a couple of hours to see if the problem resolves itself. In the event that it doesn’t then follow the advice below.

If you have steam or extremely hot water that comes out of the faucets or you can hear boiling sounds from within the hot water heater, then the system may not be shutting off once desired temperatures are met.  The issue could be the temperature-pressure relief valve being faulty or not properly installed.  No matter which it is, this issue can be very dangerous due to the hot water and steam can severely hurt someone and the heater itself could rupture.  You should get in touch with a professional local Arlington plumbing company right away and let a professional assess the problem and fix it for you.

The Hot Water has a Repugnant Smell or is Discolored

In the event that the hot water has a bad smell, you need to first check and see whether the problem is with the water source itself or the hot water heater. If you find that the problem is with both the hot and the cold water supply then it is most likely your water source itself that is the problem.  Discoloration of the water can be due to iron, copper and other minerals. In order to solve this problem you can consider installing a whole house water filter or a water softener. If you are unsure on how to accomplish this you can contact a local Arlington plumbing company to come help you.

Hot Water Smells

If the problem with the stench is only coming from the hot water then it is most likely due to a reaction between the anode road in the hot water heater and the water itself has a high concentration of sulfates.  Let the hot water run from the faucet for a few minutes and if the water smells quite alike too rotten eggs then you can look into flushing the hot water heater tank. If you are not sure how to do this then get in touch with a professional local Arlington plumbing company to assist you.

If you have flushed the tank but the problem is still there then you may need to replace the anode rod in the hot water heater. Once again if you are not sure on how to do this then you should contact an Arlington plumbing company to help.

Strange Noises from Hot Water Heater

If you hear noises that you are not familiar with coming from the hot water heater then this can be due to expanding and contracting metal within the system, drips, or minerals and other hard water accumulations inside of the tank.  Whenever these hard water minerals are heated and dissolved they will eventually recrystallize and form scale that will stick to the interior surface of the hot water heater, making the system less efficient and more likely to fail over due time.

In order to minimize these corrosive minerals through ionization, water heaters have an anode rod that is either made from magnesium or aluminum. This rod is inserted through the top of the tank.  To help minimize the amount of accumulation in the tank you should flush the tank every few months.

Bangs, Gurgles & Pops – These sounds can be due to the buildup of hard water sediment that is heating up and exploding inside of the water heater tank. You can try flushing out the tank, of course, if you are already hearing these sounds then the accumulation might just be too large to pass through the drain valve at this point. If so, you will need to contact a professional local Arlington plumbing company for assistance.

Boiling Sound – If you hear what sounds like water boiling inside of your hot water heater then this could indicate a very dangerous pressure buildup due to overheating.  You should contact a professional Arlington plumbing company immediately for emergency service.  

Quick Tips

Inspect Temperature Setting – The typical temperature setting for hot water heaters is about 150 degrees F. If you have no dishwasher, small children or elderly persons in your home then you may have the setting set lower to prevent them from scalding themselves.
Insulate the Pipes – To help reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat water, you should insulate the water pipes if they run a pretty good way from the water heater to the faucets.  If you have access to the hot water pipes you can place foam water pipe insulation sleeves onto them.
Regularly inspect TP relief Valve – This keeps pressure in the boiler from building up too high. To inspect this you should lift or lower the lever on the TP relief valve and water should then drain from the overflow pipe, if not you will need to contact an Arlington plumbing company for repair.

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