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Texans, we indeed are blessed with an amazing state. However, we really do not have the greatest soil. When we experience the dryness of Texas, and also the wetness of Texas, slab leaks just may be what could quickly fill up the schedule of an Arlington TX plumber. Winter temperatures in Texas can actually drop to freezing; and rain causes ground movement which brings about a large amount of slab leaks, especially in low-lying vicinities.

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That difficult soil mentioned above acts as a gigantic sponge; and excessive rain produces ground movement, which causes destruction to pipes and sewer lines beneath the ground. When the soil is saturated and the grass is wet, due to the rain, it becomes virtually impossible to detect or notice any bubbling water. The bubbling water tells us that there is a leak, so having this signal go unnoticed is extremely detrimental.

Consequently, our first sign of a leak can be the receiving of an enormous water bill. This is an unfortunate way to discover the problem. In some extreme cases, water bills that are normally as low as $50 have been elevated to up to an unbelievable $3000, due to leaks going undiscovered for a complete billing cycle. We need to be aware of this because sometimes a leak isn’t just an average leak, but is actually a hot water leak. When this occurs you can be faced with not only the cost of your water bill, but also the added cost of heating the water too.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many preventative options for homeowners. Your greatest option is to have an Arlington TX plumber fix it as quickly as possible. You will discover whether or not you have a leak by turning off your water supply. Next you will need to listen and see whether you are able to hear any running water. It’s crucial to recognize any sound and have it checked out without delay, by an Arlington TX plumber, to prevent greater cost.