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Arlington, TX plumbers – Septic Service

Arlington, TX plumbers – Septic Service

Arlington plumbers – If you’re planning to buy or build a home with a septic tank in the Fort Worth or Arlington, Texas area you need to realize septic tanks require regular septic service to keep them operating properly.

Next, be aware there is no service that a homeowner can provide to a septic tank. Septic tank problems are not a do-it-yourself project. You can provide preventative actions to reduce problems but ultimately professional Arlington plumbers must be called in to provide septic service to your tank. The following are tips to prevent the most common problems with septic tanks.

  • Never pour grease or oil down the drain. It will cause drains to clog and damage field lines, also called the drain field. Drains can be cleaned with septic service but damaged field lines can only be replaced.
  • Use only detergents that are safe for septic tanks, harsh detergents and grease combine and stop up field lines. In addition, use as little Clorox as possible as it kills beneficial bacteria that keep the septic system operating properly.
  • Next, use screens to catch hair, food or any other solids that shouldn’t enter your drain. They are available for as little as $1 for a package of multiples. While these screens will require frequent emptying it is a far lesser problem than a stopped up drain or field line requiring septic service. Use screens in tubs, showers, bathroom and kitchen sinks. Food particles can cause clogs to drains as well as field lines.

The following are signs that you may have a problem with the septic tank requiring septic service:

  • Slow drainage or none at all. You may hear unusual noises emanating from the septic tank.
  • Lush, green lawn or plant growth with or without wet spots on the drain field.

Any problem with the septic tank requires immediate attention from qualified professional Arlington plumbers. Delaying may cause additional problems that could lead to much more expense and potential damage to property. It is your best bet to call for septic service when problems arise. Better yet, provide the recommended routine pumping of a septic tank every 2-5 years. How often cleaning is required will depend upon factors such as the size of the tank, how many are in your household and how much waste water is entering your septic tank. Again, a professional can best guide you on the frequency of septic tank cleanings or septic service for your particular household.

If you don’t want to use guesswork regarding cleanings you may want to consider having an alarm installed on your tank. The alarm will warn you of problems such as when the septic tank requires pumping or if there are a problem within the septic tank itself that will require septic service.  Professional Arlington plumbers can assist you with any of these problems.

All septic systems fail eventually even with maintenance. Sooner or later, the drain field will require replacement. You can however, get many years of service before this is required if you will follow the above tips as well as have your septic tank pumped routinely during septic service. Failure to pump allows field line damaging material to flow over the baffles and into the field lines. Some basic understanding of the sewer system is required to understand how it works.

  • Drain lines from the house carry waste and water to the septic tank. Most modern septic tanks are divided by a partition wall. This allows solid matter to settle into the bottom of the first section.
  • Scum: Scum is the materials that are lighter than the water such as oil, grease and fat. These float to the top layer where they form scum. Aerobic bacteria digest the floating solids.
  • Effluent: Effluent is the clarified wastewater left over after the scum and sludge have separated. It flows through the outlet and into the drain field.
  • Sludge: Solid material settles on the bottom and forms a sludge layer. It is comprised of food scraps, soil, bone, lint, and anything solid. On the bottom it forms a flat layer where anaerobic bacteria break down the organic portion of the material.

Sewage undergoes treatment in the sewage tank and is then discharged into the drain field where natural action completes its breakdown in the soil. Generally, a drain field consists of perforated pipe laid on top of gravel installed in trenches.

A biomat builds up along the bottom and then the walls of the trenches. The biomat is not as permeable as soil and under ideal conditions aerobic bacteria will feed on the biomat keeping its rate of drainage consistent. Break down of this system is generally due to failure to pump the tank, soil compaction or the introduction of materials such as grease and food particles. The biomat grows thicker and drainage fails. In addition, tree roots can invade the drain field and cause blockage and damage to the drain field. Never plant trees near a septic tank or drain field. Consider having trees removed that are already in the area of the drain field before they cause the need for septic service.

Over the years, the build-up of sludge and scum will reduce the septic tanks efficiency. In addition, the tank becomes full of water. When excess water enters the already full tank (such as doing a lot of laundry) it causes solid material to be flushed over the protective baffles of the septic tank and out into the field lines clogging them. Signs of a problem in the drain field requiring septic service may include:

  • You may see the area of the drain field standing in water, or notice wet spots or persistent odors over the area.
  • Sluggish drainage of plumbing when heavier than normal use occurs or during heavy rain.
  • The problem continues to occur after the septic tank is pumped.

When this occurs you have full blown sewer trouble that requires immediate septic service from Arlington plumbers to address the problem.

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