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Benefits Of Water Filtration Systems | Arlington, TX

Benefits Of Water Filtration Systems | Arlington, TX

One of the hallmarks of a civilized society is clean water, and nearly every home in Arlington, TX has access to clean water, but just how clean and tasty the water it can vary based on a number of issues. If you get your water from a well, it may be clean but not exactly the tastiest due to the presence of hard minerals. This might drive you to look at water filtration systems, which actually can be a lifesaver if you want to consume fresh water that doesn’t require you to keep cold water in your fridge in plastic bottles.

The truth is that clean water can be subjective, even from your home in a municipality of Texas. However, you don’t have to let anyone decide what is clean enough for you. With the help of a professional plumber who knows his way around water filtration, you can instantly access crisp water in your home without any extra costs. Plus, most systems last for decades, so this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime investment depending on how long you live at home. At the most, if you never move, you might be looking to update your system once or twice, which is also a minor issue once it is already installed.

This isn’t to make you scared to use the water that is in your home; modern water is thoroughly tested and treated before it is pumped into anyone’s home in Arlington, TX. So you know that the water won’t harm you, but it might not be the best for you in every aspect of life. Hard water is known to be rougher on clothes causing them to wear out quickly and causing certain skin conditions to those with sensitive skin. It also can have an odor sometimes, which you may or may not tolerate well. However, if you found your dream house, this doesn’t have to be the dealbreaker because now you can look at installing water filtration systems.

Not sure yet about making the leap toward water filtration systems? Before you make up your mind, you might want to stop and think about what you are drinking. Even some people who have access to city water feel better once they install a filtration system because it prevents high levels of minerals from ruining clothes or ruining the taste of the tap water. You don’t have to make up your mind yet, but take a minute to read over the many benefits of water filtration systems and then see if those benefits add up to make it worthwhile. There are many scenarios in which they just might.

Access to Clean & Fresh Water 24/7

While it is not the only benefit associated with water filtration systems, one of the biggest benefits of installing such a system is that you have access to safe drinking water at all times. Instead of buying water bottles or boiling water, there is always clean water you can simply open the tap and drink. There are a lot of health consequences associated with drinking unclean water and sometimes heavy metals just make it taste poorly. In addition, water filtration systems act as a backup to ensure your family is always safe, even if there is a system failure or something missed at the water plant. It is hard to beat the piece of mind that comes with knowing your entire family always has access to safe water at your Arlington, TX home.

Save Money in the Short and Long-Term

If you don’t like how water tastes from your tap or you don’t feel comfortable drinking it then you are probably buying bottled water or jugs of water instead. Purchasing bottled water regularly can add up very quickly. If each member of a four-person household drinks two to three bottles per day (Assuming the little ones are not wasting their water), then you will easily spend as much as $500 per year on water alone. On the other hand, once the installation of a water filtration system is concluded, you won’t have to buy bottled water ever again. This may make looking at water filtration systems a much better idea.

Do Your Part to Save the Environment

Anyone who is paying attention knows that landfills are growing at a fast rate, and plastic plays a large role in destruction to the environment. If your family is going through ten plastic bottles a day then you are heavily contributing to waste. While you cannot compromise the quality of your water and the health of your family, water filtration systems offer another option. Instead of worrying about how much of your plastic bottles are getting properly recycled, opt for an in-home filtration system that allows you to quit using plastic bottles altogether. Even better, you won’t have to use water bottles ever again if you fill up your sports bottles and rely on them again. Now that you have access to clean water, you can break out your bottles again and happily fill them up.

Help Protect Your Plumbing System

Another great benefit of water filtration systems is that they help remove all heavy metals and minerals from your water. This may seem like a taste or personal preference, but it is also an issue that can affect the health of your home plumbing and your pipes. Chemicals, hard minerals, and heavy metals can all eventually cause stains or for your plumbing pipes to corrode or rust. Enough exposure can cause your plumbing system to break down long before its actual time. When you add up the costs of replacing your entire plumbing system, the cost of a filtration system will probably start to look much better.

Your plumbing system, however, is not the only thing that hard water is tough on. It is also hard on home appliances and major home appliances such as hot water heaters. One of the top reasons that hot water tanks start to rust and corrode is because of the buildup of hard minerals that sit on the bottom of the tank. If you have more hard minerals in your water than someone else, you can bet they will build up quicker and rot out your heating elements or the bottom of your hot water tank. Therefore, water filtration systems can help protect your Arlington, TX home in more ways than just one.

Protect Your Skin

Most hard water will not cause too many issues, but if you have sensitive skin then this changes things. Many people report that hard water or water that has too many chemicals in it irritates their skin. This is actually true. Oftentimes eczema or psoriasis can occur if the skin is exposed to chemicals like chlorine for too long. If your skin always feels dry or damaged, then you might have to do more than just buy cream. You might want to think about water filtration systems to change the type of water that your skin is routinely exposed to.

Enjoy Softer Clothing

You can buy soft clothing that hugs your body at the store, but when it gets washed a few times you might quickly lose a lot of that feeling due to the effect of hard water on fabric. You also might be surprised to learn that it takes more soap to wash clothes if you have a lot of minerals in your water because they diminish the role of soap in cleaning. Therefore, you will have to add much more soap to get your washing machine, and dishwasher to really get things clean. If you are tired of having to run two cycles just to get clothes or dishes clean, it might be time to think about water purification.

They can help ensure that your clothes and dishes get cleaned the first time around, and they also protect your appliances. Like the other appliances we mentioned earlier, mineral deposits can build up in your washing machine and your dishwasher as well. The end result can be enough damage that you need to replace these appliances. Another issue you can avoid is if you look into water filtration systems and make the decision to install one within your home.

Erase the Presence of Limescale in Your Home

If you have extremely hard water in your Arlington, TX home, then you probably have seen some limescale in your bathroom around the shower tiles or possibly on the bottom of tea kettles or any other regularly used device. Some people notice them in their air purifiers and coffee pots as well. Limescale is a white, chalky mineral deposit that builds up over time as the minerals in the water settle to the bottom of a holding area.

Outside of being extremely unattractive, if limescale is building up outside out of your plumbing, there is a good chance that it is building up inside of your appliances and pipes as well. Water filtration systems will remove these minerals and help you get home free from limescale. Imagine never having to scrub the sides of your shower again to get that chalky white stain off; with the right water filtration systems this can be a reality.

Improve Your Drinking Water

Finally, now that you know how important it is that you have clean water in your home, let’s take a minute to talk about just how preferable it is to have good-tasting water in your home. Sure, everyone can appreciate the need to drink water for a healthy body, but if your tap water is disgusting, there is a good chance you will opt for juice, Gatorade, or pop over water every day of the week. It is hard to get people to drink enough water if their water doesn’t taste good. If you are a parent with young children in the home this can be an even larger uphill battle. However, water filtration systems can help you win it. When crisp, clean, and clear water comes out of your tap in Arlington, TX, it isn’t as hard to enjoy it.

Ready to Install a Water Filtration System in Your Arlington,TX Home?

If you are thinking about installing water filtration systems, the first thing you need to do is talk to a plumber. Whole house water filtration systems can be intense, and you don’t want to leave the installation to just anyone. They are not a DIY job because there are a lot of variables that need to be carefully identified and completed in order for the installation to work out.

For instance, there are a lot of water filtration systems because there are so many different homes. Every water filtration system requires a different amount of space for it to properly fit into the home. You need to identify where your water filtration system will fit before you start shopping and looking at water filtration systems. You also need to think about how much water you consume because you need a water filtration system that can handle the amount of water that is consumed in your home daily.

Choosing the right fit is not the only factor, though. You also have to think about things like the water pressure in your home. Many water home filtration systems are built to only work within certain ranges of water pressure. If you have an older home with low or high water pressure, it could damage your newly installed system. This is something that a plumber can check and figure out before they install the system to ensure that everything fits correctly when the time comes.

If you are looking at water filtration in Arlington, TX, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today. We will happily come out to your home, assess your space, and then help you find the right whole house system for your home.

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