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Cleaning A Shower Head | Plumbing Arlington

Cleaning A Shower Head | Plumbing Arlington

Plumbing Arlington

Cleaning a Shower Head

When you have hard water serving your home, it is almost certain to cause problems with your home’s plumbing in Arlington. Hard water build-up on the shower head is unsightly, and will affect its performance by reducing water flow, and causing an uneven spray. When this occurs, it is time for a shower head cleaning, and you probably already have what you need in the kitchen.


Distilled white vinegar is an environmentally friendly, natural product, and is effective in removing the mineral build-up that affects your home’s plumbing in Arlington. When you have hard water, you can see the white, brown or yellow deposits on the shower head, toilets, inside the dishwasher, on faucet aerators, shower doors, and other components of your home’s plumbing in Arlington.

While you can purchase products created to remove the build-up, vinegar provides a natural and cheap alternative. However, you should first test in an inconspicuous area, as acidic vinegar may damage some finishes. In addition, the acidic composition of lemon juice means it is also an effective for the removal of hard water deposits.

Cleaning the Shower Head

Most shower heads are removable by simply unscrewing. If a wrench is required, place a cloth or other thick material between the wrench and the shower head to prevent marring of the finish.

Submerge the shower head in a bowl of vinegar at room temperature or vinegar that has been slightly heated. The vinegar should be only slightly warm, as overheating it risks melting any plastic internal parts. Check in one hour, but allow it to soak until the build-up is loosened. A soft toothbrush dipped in vinegar can be used to remove remaining deposits. Additional soaking may be required. A straightened paper clip will clear remaining deposits from the sprayer holes. Rinse the shower head and dry. Screw the showerhead back on and check for leaks.

If the shower head is fixed, first place thick rubber bands around the top of the shower head. Next, attach a leak free bag with enough vinegar inside to cover it completely. Pull the rubber bands in place to hold the bag securely. When soaking is complete, you can use a soft brush to remove remaining residue, and a paper clip to clear the holes. Turn on the water to rinse the vinegar from the shower head, and using a container, rinse vinegar from the exterior surface. Dry and polish with a soft cloth.

The installation of a water softener can prevent the minerals in hard water from affecting your home’s plumbing in Arlington. Give us a call for further information about a water softener, how it can help your plumbing and installation.

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