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Cleaning Up After A Flood | Plumber Arlington

Cleaning Up After A Flood | Plumber Arlington

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Cleaning Up After a Flood

It’s not necessary to live in an area that routinely floods to experience it in your home. Heavy rain, or ruptured sewer or water lines, are potential sources of flooding, and severe damage to your home and its foundation. If your home has experienced flooding in the past, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can assist you in preventing damage to your home.


A sump pump provides your basement or crawlspace with a line of defense against flooding. The sump pump sits in or over a sump pit where water collects. As the water level in the pit rises, it triggers the sump pump to start, pumping the water out and away from your home automatically. Whether flooding is due to excessive rain, proximity to the water table, or a burst pipe, the sump pump will protect your home, even when you’re away.

Preventative Measures

You may never experience a flood, but if a flood occurs, you will be glad to have prepared for it.

• Carry flood insurance, and contact your agent for an explanation of flood benefits, if any.

• Before you purchase property, build or buy a home, ensure it isn’t in a floodplain with county, state or federal officials.

• If your home is prone to flooding from a nearby water source such as a river or lake, the construction of levees and floodwalls can assist you in preventing floodwater from entering your home.

• Install Check Valves – Check valves will stop the backflow of sewage into your home, preventing damage and the risk of disease. Call today to schedule installation by a Benjamin Franklin licensed plumber in Arlington.

Preparing for a Flood

When flooding is in the weather forecast:

• Monitor the news to remain up to date on the latest information.

• Move to higher ground in the event of a flash flood. If the water is rising, don’t wait on local emergency management to instruct you to do so.

• Be aware of local flood zones, and roads prone to flooding. Flash floods occur quickly in areas with creeks, rivers, drainage channels, and low lying areas. Ensure all family members know what areas to avoid, including roads and bridges. If you encounter a flooded road or bridge turn around!

Remember These Tips to Avoid Drowning:

• Never cross a flooded road or bridge, turn around. It only requires as little as six inches of water to sweep a vehicle away.

• Water can conceal washed out pavement, bridges and roads. If the road isn’t visible due to water, don’t risk it!

• Stay away from flood waters that may carry raw sewage, chemicals, and other contaminants. Cleaning Up After the Flood

After a flood, ensure that it is safe to return to the property before attempting it, and follow the instruction given by emergency officials. Flood waters may continue to rise for some time afterwards. Once the damage is assessed, follow these instructions:

• Contact your insurance company to file a claim.

• Be cautious when entering the property, watch for hazards such as gas leaks, downed power lines, leaking chemicals and damage that may pose a hazard.

• Remove wet contents, to prevent the growth of mold, which can grow in as little as 24 hours after a flood. Clean saturated items, and dry them thoroughly before bringing them back inside. However, belongings contaminated by chemicals or sewage, should be discarded.

• When weather permits, provide ventilation by opening windows and doors to assist in drying out the home. Rent professional dryers to expedite drying, and use fans if the electrical outlets were not flooded. Remove baseboards to assess the walls for moisture. Consider hiring a professional flood remediation company for professional removal of floodwater, drying and cleaning.

• Utilize dehumidifiers to accelerate the drying process.

• Clean and disinfect all surfaces contaminated by floodwater. A steam cleaner is an effective tool to disinfect, and avoids irritating cleaners.

• After the water is removed, and cleaning and drying is complete, an air purifier will filter remaining mold spores and odors from the air.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can flood a basement quickly, and prompt action can minimize damage to the home. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington for repair of a burst pipe. Use the following guidelines to minimize damage from this common occurrence:

• Shut off the water to stop additional flooding. If there is no shut off valve, turn it off at the meter. For assistance, call the water utility or a plumber in Arlington.

• If the flood is due to a sewage pipe break, don’t use a toilet or other water until a plumber in Arlington provides repair.

• A flooded basement poses the risk of electrical shock. Avoid the water until the power is off. If the home’s electrical service box is accessible without walking in water, turn off the power main. Homes may have an additional power main at the electrical service panel at the power meter. Shut it off also, as additional circuits may be in the exterior box, and not the interior box. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington for plumbing repair.

• If gas appliances are in the basement cut the gas off at the meter. However, if you smell gas don’t attempt to cut the gas supply off. Evacuate all occupants to a safe distance away, and don’t use a phone in or near the home or strike a flame. Don’t turn electrical appliances, lights or other on or off. Once a safe distance from the home and the odor of gas, call 911 and the gas supplier. Once the gas is off, contact a plumber in Arlington to repair the pipe that caused the flood.

• When the flood involved is sewage, contact a professional flood remediation service to remove raw sewage and provide disinfection of the basement. Once the area is cleaned, contact us to schedule a plumber in Arlington to repair a sewer pipe leak.

• Contact a plumber in Arlington for the installation of a sump pump to prevent future basement flooding.

• If a water or sewer line is leaking, don’t wait until it bursts to call for a plumber in Arlington. Call today to schedule repair.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers licensed plumbers with the professional expertise to handle your plumbing problems. A flooded basement is a serious risk to your home and its foundation. Don’t delay plumbing repair, call for the services of a plumber in Arlington today. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.