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Clogged Drain Cleaning | Plumber Fort Worth

Clogged Drain Cleaning | Plumber Fort Worth

Clogged Drains | Plumber Fort Worth

Drains and sewer pipes are an integral component of your home’s plumbing system. When problems occur slowing drainage it is aggravating, but as time goes on slow drains will eventually become blocked. Even worse, backup may occur, potentially overflowing into tubs, showers, sinks and floors. The best means by far to prevent clogged drains is to schedule routine professional drain cleaning with a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth, and exercising caution on what you allow to go down the drain. Our plumbers provide the expertise to provide you with clean, flowing drains.

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The following tips can assist you in slowing the incidence of clogged drains:

Dispose of grease, fat and oils properly

Grease, fats and oil may seem harmless in their liquid state, and nothing could be further from the truth. When they cool down, they solidify and cling to drains and sewer lines, growing over time until clogs occur.

Allow grease and oils to cool, then store in a tightly sealed metal can or glass jar and dispose of in the trash. If grease and oil recycling is available, store in an approved container for recycling. Scrape grease into a container, then use absorbent paper towels to wipe grease residue from dishes and pans.

Drains and sewer pipes that are clogged with grease and fat can be cleaned with water jetting. In fact, water jetting is the only drain cleaning method that will effectively remove grease clogs.

A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth will use video pipe inspection to locate and identify the clog, once the clog is cleared and the pipe is cleaned, the pipe will be checked again with a free video pipe inspection to ensure that no additional problems are present, and the pipe is effectively cleaned.

Flush Drains With Hot Water Periodically

Fill the sink with hot water, and allow the water to drain. Repeat for 15 minutes for the best results.

Use baking soda and vinegar to clear minor clogs

Use one cup of baking soda poured into the drain, followed by one cup of vinegar. Plug the sink drain on the opposite side to force the mixture further down into the drain. Let it sit for half an hour, and rinse with a sink full of hot water to flush the drain.

Proper garbage disposal use

Turn cold water on before using the garbage disposal, allow it to continue running during and for at least 20 seconds after you have finished. This ensures that food particles are flushed out of the disposal and down the drain, helping to prevent clogs. Don’t use hot water while the garbage disposal is in use, but it can be used at any other time.

In addition, don’t use the garbage disposal for bone, peach seeds or cherry pits; stringy or fibrous foods such as chicken skin, celery, corn husks, and banana peels, for example. Use a couple of ice cubes or frozen vinegar cubes in the disposal once a month to clean the blades, and deodorize the disposal. Orange or lemon peels processed through the disposal will also clean and provide a fresh citrus scent.

Protect the Toilet

The toilet was created for bath tissue and human waste only. Paper towels, Kleenex, feminine products, diapers, medicine, toys, chemicals, cotton swabs, cotton balls, baby or personal wipes (even those that claim to be biodegradable), rubber or plastic products, or other non-biodegradable items should not be flushed.

Use Strainers

Use strainers in sinks, tubs and showers, which will catch food particles, hair, and other debris that may go down the drain and form a thick matrix that eventually clogs and requires professional drain cleaning by a plumber in Fort Worth. Empty strainers frequently and the kitchen strainer daily due to the growth of bacteria in food particulates.

Use a Sink Plunger

Plunge the sink for one minute. If the sink has overflow vents, tape them securely before plunging. If plunging doesn’t clear the clog, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for drain cleaning by a plumber in Fort Worth .

Schedule drain cleaning

Regular drain cleaning by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth is the best means of maintaining a free flowing drain. The average home will benefit from a professional drain cleaning every year or two, depending upon the habits of the household members.

Clogged drain vs. clogged sewer line

If all drains are clogged or experiencing slow drainage, the problem may be in the sewer line. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can determine the cause and clear your drain or sewer line.

When you need a plumber in Fort Worth , give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call. Our plumbers have the expertise and the latest state-of-the-art equipment to clear your clogged drains and sewer pipes, restoring clean, efficient drainage for your home. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth strives to exceed your expectations with prompt plumbing services and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.