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Clogged Drains — Why You Have Them and What to Do About Them Fort Worth, TX

Clogged Drains — Why You Have Them and What to Do About Them Fort Worth, TX

You wake up in the morning and get ready for a shower. All is well until you start to notice that despite the drain area being open, there is water pooling around your feet. What’s worse is that you have already put shampoo on your hair and soap all over your body. Or how about having a huge pile of dishes to wash and the kitchen sink is clogged. Or there is standing water in the dishwasher drain? Sounds like a situation you don’t ever want to be in, right? If you live in Fort Worth, TX then you know what you got to do because you can rely on a professional drain cleaning from Benjamin Franklin plumbing services.

Drain cleaning is not something that can be done by everyone because every drain has different things that can be causing it to block the flow of water.

What Is A Clogged Drain?

There could be a number of reasons your drain can be clogged.  Clogged drain usually occurs when there are different or just one thing that gets stuck down the pipes making it hard for the water to pass down. This usually causes the water to pool around and in many cases, overflow. You might get it fixed temporarily by using a DIY hack or tip but it is always better to call in a professional plumber that can provide you with a drain cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX.

How Do You Get A Drain Clogged?

Poor usage of a sink or shower area can cause the drain to be blocked. If you are washing your dishes in a sink, then make sure that all the food bits and particles are thrown in the trash before you proceed to washing the dishes. Some particles don’t flow down the drain properly and get accumulated overtime until there is a big pile of gunk blocking the water.

The same goes with washing the dishes in the dishwasher. Just because the dishwasher does twice a better job at making all your plates and dishes squeaky clean does not mean you don’t clean up your dishes. The drains accumulate dirt, grime and grease over time and that too plays a huge role in clogging up the drain. This is when you need to call in a drain cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX to unclog your drain.

Bathroom Drains

The main problem with shower drains getting clogged is the accumulation of hair strands becoming big hairballs down the drain and blocking the flow of water. This is especially true for people with really long or curly hair. Everyone’s sheds hair strands during shower every once in a while, but for people who shed regularly, it can be a bit of a problem and cause the drain to be clogged.


Little children love to entertain themselves while taking a shower and take their little bathroom toys with them. They have a wild imagination and think that they are battling monsters from the sea or playing with rubber duckies during bath time. Sometimes, a toy part can go down the drain and cause the drain to be clogged. A quick call to a drain cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX like Benjamin Franklin plumbing services will get your clogged drain problem fixed in no time.


If you have a furry pet like a cat, dog or a rabbit, it is recommended  that you give it a bath in the backyard or collect all of its fur from the drain area. Pets shed a lot of hair/fur and if you bathe them during shedding season, there are high chances of a drain getting clogged. So, before you send over your pets for any grooming services, your first priority should be calling a good drain cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX to unclog your blocked drain.

DIYs and Why They Fail

You might be hesitant about calling in a professional drain cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX and tempted to try out various hacks and tips about unclogging the drains. They rarely work and even when they do, it doesn’t take long before the drain gets clogged again. This is because a thorough cleaning and checkup can only be done by a professional plumber.

People come up with all sorts of DIY solutions and hardly any of them ever work properly. There might be one or two that can be a quick fix to a minor problem, but most of the time, you end up making matters worse by experimenting to find a good solution.

At Benjamin Franklin’s, you can rest assured that all your plumbing needs will be met including a blocked drain. A drain cleaning service in Fort Worth might not be hard to find but a quality one can surely be only found at Benjamin Franklin’s.

Why Get Your Hands Dirty?

Do you have the proper tools or cleaning equipment that a professional plumber from a drain service in Fort Worth can provide? If not then why get your hands dirty in trying to fix the clogged drain?  An unprofessional job is sloppy. Therefore, consider hiring a professional to save you all the dirty work.

Save Yourself the Money

If you call a drain cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX, you would be saving yourself a lot of money because things wouldn’t be so out of hand then. Doing DIY solutions can make things worse and you will end up paying more eventually. A drain cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX like Benjamin Franklin offers superior-quality service at quite reasonable prices, so you can rest assured that you will always get the value for your money.