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The Dangers of Liquid Drain Cleaning in Rhome, TX Exposed

The Dangers of Liquid Drain Cleaning in Rhome, TX Exposed

A clogged drain can result in a great inconvenience that most homeowners experience occasionally. Apart from being a nuisance, drain clogs also result in odor problems and bring health issues along with them on the ride as well.

In order to save money on drain cleaning in Rhome, TX, most people attempt a quick plumbing fix by using liquid drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners are easily available and reasonably economical, particularly when compared to a visit by a plumber for drain cleaning in Rhome, TX. However, often it results in harm to the plumbing system, or injury to themselves.

In most cases, liquid drain cleaning in Rhome, TX end up being hard on the wallet. Here we will shed light on the common types of liquid drain cleaners and also expose the dangers of using liquid drain cleaners to unclog the drains.

Common Types of Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners that are available in the stores can be categorized into three types.

  • Oxidizing Drain Cleaners — The oxidizing liquid drain cleaners contain peroxides, bleach, or nitrates. These chemicals help clear the blockage by oxidizing the organic material of the clog. It is heavier than water and releases gas and heat when it passes through the standing water.
  • Acid Dry Cleaners —The acid drain cleaners contain a high concentration of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. It unclogs the drain by increasing the concentration of hydronium ions in the solution that attract electrons from the clog. The ions create a chemical reaction and release gas and heat that melt the congealed grease to unclog the drain.
  • Caustic Drain Cleaners — Caustic drain cleaners include caustic potash and lye, which are alkaline chemicals that help in clearing the clog. Similar to oxidizing drain cleaners, they are heavier than water and pass through the standing water releasing gas and heat.

Dangers of Using Liquid Drain Cleaning in Rhome, TX by Homeowners

Homeowners should not use liquid drain cleaners to unclog the drain. The quick-fix can result in various unwanted consequences that are mentioned below.

1. Damage to the Pipes

The foremost danger of using liquid drain cleaning in Rhome, TX is that it can cause damage to the pipes. Some of the drain cleaners literally ‘eat away’ the pipes. Generally, older metal pipes are more susceptible to damage. However, it can also cause damage to any type of pipe material including copper pipes.

2. Toxic Fumes

Fumes of drain cleaners can be dangerous. People who suffer from asthma or any other respiratory problems should particularly stay away from the fumes. Even those who don’t suffer from any respiratory illnesses can develop complications due to exposure to fumes. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to store drain cleaners in a well-ventilated area.

3. Bad for the Environment

Liquid drain cleaners are bad for the environment. The chemicals that are present in the drain cleaners can cause serious damage to the ecology. The residue inside the drain cleaners end up in the landfills. They can seep through the soil into the groundwater below. This can result in pollution of the water and poisoning of the wildlife.

4. Cause Cracks in the Toilet

Liquid drain cleaners can create cracks in the toilet. Chemicals present in the drain cleaners heat up when they come into contact with the clogged material. In case the toilet is clogged and you use the drain cleaner, the heated chemicals that sit at the bottom of the toilet bowl will cause cracks. In this way, you will end up with an expensive toilet replacement. It’s better that you call a professional plumber for an inexpensive drain cleaning in Rhome, TX.

5. Damage to the Body

Liquid drain cleaners are toxic if swallowed. Also, they can cause serious injury if they come into contact with the eyes or skin. They can eat through the clothes and come into contact with the skin. Apart from bodily injury, the liquid dry cleaners can also cause explosions if they are improperly stored. Due to the serious risk of injury, it’s better that you call a professional plumber for unclogging the drain instead of trying to do it yourself using a liquid drain cleaner.

6. Not Guaranteed to Work

Liquid drain cleaners are not guaranteed to work in removing clogs. They can remove only limited types of clogs. Also, considering the fact that they do damage to the plumbing, pipes, and the body, it’s better that you call an experienced plumber for drain cleaning in Rhome, TX. You will most probably end up wasting money if you buy a liquid drain cleaner to clear the clog.


Now, it must be clear to you why you should never use liquid drain cleaners for drain cleaning in Rhome, TX. A clogged drain can be caused due to a number of reasons such as broken pipe, backed up sewer line, or due to something lodged deep within the drain. Using a liquid drain cleaner won’t resolve the problem. You should call a professional and experienced plumber for drain cleaning in Rhome, TX.

Professional plumbers will use modern and safe methods to unclog the drain. They will use a camera to determine the cause of the clog. Calling a reliable plumber will guarantee that the drain will be unclogged, and that there will be no more clogs. This guarantee is not offered by the expensive liquid drain cleaners. So, why waste money on them when you can have the peace of mind by calling a plumber?

In case you require the services of a licensed and professional plumber for drain cleaning in Rhome, TX, you should contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We have a team of certified plumbing professionals who can take care of all types of drain clogs. We utilize safe and effective measures to quickly solve drain blockage issues.