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Discolored Water | Plumber Arlington

Discolored Water | Plumber Arlington

Discolored Water | Plumber Arlington

Discolored water shouldn’t be common, but may occasionally occur. Typically discolored water originates in the municipal water distribution system due to rusting municipal water mains, repair, and maintenance on the system. When discolored water occurs frequently, and you have galvanized pipe or an iron supply pipe, the rust and corrosion may be within your home’s own plumbing system. Determining the cause is the first step in correcting the problem. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can identify the source and provide a solution for discolored water.

Discolored Water | Plumber Arlington

  • First, call your water supplier and ask if they are working on the water system in a location that could affect the water quality in your area. If this is the source of your discolored water, it should clear up soon. Furthermore, you can flush your home’s plumbing in Arlington to clear up the dirty water. Open the cold-water tap in the bathtub and allow it to run for 10 minutes. If the water remains discolored, wait for about 30 minutes and repeat.
  • When the municipal water authority has not performed repair or maintenance, the next step is to determine whether it is the cold or hot water affected by flushing the toilet. Once water has filled the bowl, look for discoloration. If the water is discolored, the source is the cold water supply. 

If you have galvanized pipes, corrosion of the piping is likely. Provide repiping as soon as possible to prevent damage to your home due to leaks. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide the professional repiping your home requires.                                                                                                

  • However, if the water in the toilet is clear after flushing, the hot water heater may be the source. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington for water heater repair

The Color of Water and its Indications

Rusty Water

Water that looks reddish-brown can be due to several causes. Water with a high content of iron may appear rusty, and is often be present in well water. Rust colored water due to iron content is an ongoing issue. If it is occurring intermittently, it is likely due to other causes. Water filtration and water softeners provide potential solutions. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide the water softener or water filtration installation you need.

Red, Orange, Brown or Yellow Water

Corroded rusting metal pipes are a likely cause of red, orange, brown, or yellow water. The source may be from the municipal water main or your home’s pipes when either are galvanized steel or cast iron.

When the source is in your plumbing system, the only way to solve this problem is to replace the pipes. However, if the cause is the municipal water supply, water filtration can provide your home with clean, clear water. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide the repiping or water filtration solution you need.

A corroded sacrificial rod in the water heater can cause discolored water. Contact a plumber for water heater repair.

Blue or Green Water

The corrosion of copper plumbing can cause blue or green water, and has a higher likelihood in areas served by hard water. Contact your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington if you suspect pipe corrosion. 

Black Water

Black water can be due to numerous causes including soil that has entered the water line due to a pipe break, or municipal repair. Other causes include pipe sediment and manganese. To clear, flush all toilets several times and open all taps allowing the water to run. The water should clear up within a few minutes. If not shut the taps off, wait an hour and repeat. If the water remains discolored, contact your water authority.


White water, often described as milky in appearance, is typically due to air in the water supply related to municipal repair. It is completely harmless despite its unappetizing appearance. To verify if the appearance is due to air, fill a glass with water and set aside. If due to air it should clear up within a few minutes. If water remains white, contact your water supplier, who will flush the municipal water lines. 

Always contact your water supplier to let them know about any problems with your water, including discolored water. A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing professional offers a broad range of plumbing services, including plumbing repair, plumbing installation and plumbing maintenance services. Our licensed plumbers offer the expertise for plumbing done right the first time. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington to schedule service you can on, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.