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Expansion Tank | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Expansion Tank | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Hot Water Heater Expansion Tanks

Almost every plumbing code requires the installation of an expansion tank simultaneously with the installation of a hot water heater. This is due to the characteristic of water to expand when heated. The expansion of hot water creates an extra volume of water that needs a place to go to prevent potential damage to the water heater and plumbing. An expansion tank fills this need. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington, Texas for installation.

Homes with a closed hot water system need an expansion tank to protect the water heater and your plumbing in Arlington from high pressure. Prior to the widespread use of backflow preventers, check valves and pressure reducing valves, the expanded hot water could back up into the home’s plumbing, forcing cold water into the municipal water main. If your home has one of the previously mentioned devices, you could have problems without an expansion tank. Backflow preventers, check valves and pressure reducing valves prevent water from your home entering the public water system, leading to rising pressure in the plumbing system.

It’s typically recommended for those with water pressure over 80 psi to have a pressure-reducing valve installed at the water meter. Unfortunately, the valve will require replacement. When they fail, you can have a low water pressure, or receive the full water pressure from the municipal source.

Furthermore, a high water pressure increases the risk of damage to the plumbing system. You can test your water pressure with a water pressure gauge available from the hardware store. It screws onto an outdoor faucet, the water is turned on, and the reading is displayed on the gauge. A pressure-reducing valve will reduce elevated incoming water pressure. However, installation requires cutting into the home’s water supply line, and should only be provided by licensed plumbers in Arlington. Once the valve is installed, you have a closed system, and will need an expansion tank installation.

Without an expansion tank, the rising pressure due to expanding hot water can result in hot water heater failure and damage to the plumbing. Expansion tanks provide a simple solution. They contain compressed air and a rubber bladder. When the water heater operates, the water expands and as the volume increases, the excess volume enters the expansion tank. Eventually, the water in the expansion tank is released into the piping system.

Expansion tanks are available in various sizes. The size you need depends on the water heater capacity in gallons, and the water pressure entering your home. You can find the capacity of the water heater stamped on a label or a plate on the side of the water heater. To ensure a proper installation, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

In addition, consider warranty requirements when installing a new water heater. A growing number of manufacturers’ require to simultaneous installation of an expansion tank with water heater installation. It’s to your advantage to install an expansion tank. Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the water heater and/or expansion tank installation you require.