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Expansion Tank | Plumbing in Fort Worth TX

Expansion Tank | Plumbing in Fort Worth TX

Water expands as it is heated in a process called thermal expansion, which results in an increased volume of water. In the past, the increased volume of water would back up into the home’s plumbing and out into the public water supply. As this could result in a contaminated water supply for the public from corroded household pipes, federal legislation was passed requiring back-flow preventers to be installed. With the home’s expanded hot water confined to a closed system,  the pressure within the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth continues to rise. The increased pressure can result in  plumbing leaks and damage to appliances and the water heater. The expansion tank is the solution to preventing the problems due to thermal expansion. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers can provide the expansion tank installation you need. In addition, our licensed plumbers can provide the repair, installation and maintenance you require for your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

The Causes of High Pressure

While not all municipalities have yet complied with the federal regulation, many homes already had devices on their water supply line that creates a closed system. This includes check valves and pressure regulators. Many municipalities deliver water with a high pressure, defined as any pressure over 80 psi. This is due to their need to provide a higher pressure in order to deliver water to high rises, tall elevations and fire hydrants. For homeowner’s in areas with a high water pressure, a pressure regulator is installed on the water meter to reduce the incoming water pressure. These also act to provide a closed plumbing system.

Unfortunately, they require periodic replacement, and when they fail, your home may receive a water pressure either too high, or too low. While a pressure regulator prevents high water pressure from entering your home, it will not prevent the high pressure caused by thermal expansion, only an expansion tank can reduce the pressure in your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

You can test the incoming water pressure to your home with a water pressure gauge, available at any home supply outlet. Testing is as simple as screwing the device on an outdoor water outlet and turning the water on. The dial on the gauge will display the water pressure. When the pressure is above 80 psi, contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for the installation of a pressure regulator and an expansion tank. The installation of a pressure regulator should only be provided by a qualified, licensed plumber, and may be required in your area.

If you do not already have one installed, and plan to install a new water heater, it is highly recommended to install an expansion tank with it. In fact, some water heater manufacturers require its installation by a licensed plumber , or the warranty is voided. Furthermore, you can count on a Ben Franklin plumber to be up-to-date on the required code. Our plumbers will provide the installation as required by the manufacturer’s requirements for maintaining the warranty terms and conditions. Contact us today to ensure the protection of your home’s water heater and plumbing against the process of thermal expansion with expansion tank installation. Schedule service with us today to ensure the protection of your home’s water heater, appliances and plumbing in Fort Worth against the process of thermal expansion with expansion tank installation.

The installation of an expansion tank depends on the factors of water heater capacity, and the incoming water pressure. While adding an expansion tank to your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth will add to the cost, the protection against leaks and damage to your home is priceless. Furthermore, by keeping the pressure down, it will assist the water heater to last longer, and prevent leaks due to thermal expansion from occurring.

The expansion tank should receive maintenance yearly. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule the plumbing services you need. Our plumbers offer plumbing repair, plumbing installation and maintenance of your plumbing in Fort Worth.  Benjamin Franklin licensed professional plumbers are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction. You can rely on our licensed plumbers to provide the expertise required to provide quality plumbing in Fort Worth. Our plumbers provide a wide range of plumbing services, including gas line installation and repair. If you suspect high pressure may have damaged your water heater, give us a call.  When the water heater fails to produce the hot water we depend on each day, a Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth is the first person to call. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.