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Fort Worth, TX Plumbers – Gas Appliance Safety

Fort Worth, TX Plumbers – Gas Appliance Safety

Many Fort Worth homeowners have gas appliances in their home and while they are quite efficient and convenient, they can also be extremely dangerous.  Most homeowners, when it comes to gas appliances assume that the biggest danger is the risk of a fire in your home.  This is not always true. Nearly all deaths and injuries that are associated with gas appliances are caused by carbon monoxide.  Averages of 14 people are killed every year by carbon monoxide poisoning in homes. If you are having problems with your gas appliance or you suspect a gas leak and are looking for Fort Worth plumbers – then give Ben Franklin Plumbing a call today.

Carbon Monoxide which is also sometimes referred as the silent killer is odorless, tasteless and takes only minutes to cause loss of consciousness.  In this article we will go through some helpful safety tips in regards to gas appliances and the maintenance of them.  We will also list some of the red flags that are indicators of potential problems that may arise with your gas appliances.  If you need assistance get in touch with Ben Franklin Plumbing.

Gas Appliance Safety Tips

If you do not already have one then carbon monoxide and gas detectors are a must for any Fort Worth home.  You can place a combo unit around any gas appliances in your home. These combo units will detect CO2, gas and smoke. In most cases, carbon monoxide poisoning happens while most victims are sound asleep; this will almost always result in certain death.


Be sure to keep all combustible containers and materials away from any of your gas appliances. This means anything that has the potential to catch on fire or even explode.   A good rule of thumb is to just leave the surrounding area around your gas appliances clear and clean at all times.


All gas operated appliances should be placed in a room that has a fresh source of air. Gas appliances no matter how tight the seal will still release microscopic amounts of gases into the air that could collect in a confined area over time.  Confined gases can cause an explosion or even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Color of the Flame

If you notice a yellow flame coming from your gas appliance then you will know it is time to have that appliance serviced.   There could also be soot build up in or around the appliance as well.  When this happens contact professional Fort Worth plumbers as this is an indication that too much gas is being released from the appliance. If it is put off it could result in a possible fire, explosion or even carbon monoxide poisoning.  If you suspect this, immediately get in touch with us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington and Fort Worth, TX.

Relocation of Gas Appliances

Never attempt to relocate any of your gas operated appliances unless you are a trained professional. Any time you move these appliances you run the risk of a gas leak, potential fire, or even damaging the gas fittings. If you need to relocate your appliances in your Fort Worth home then you should call reputable Fort Worth plumbers with gas experience to assist you with this, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.


Carbon monoxide poisoning (“The Silent Killer”), fires and explosions occur when:

  • Appliances are not properly installed
  • An appliance is not working correctly
  • Infrequent maintenance
  • Appliances are not stored in rooms with fresh air sources

By following these safety tips you can greatly reduce your chances of carbon monoxide poisoning or other gas related fires in your Fort Worth home.  It is important to remember that you should never try and make any repairs to your appliances that use gas unless you are trained in working with such.

If you are in need of having your gas appliances repaired or just in need of general maintenance do not hesitate to get in touch with Benjamin Franklin’s Fort Worth plumbers in the Arlington and Fort Worth area today.  Our satisfaction guarantee assures you of receiving only top notch quality plumbing services. We also provide a full two-year warranty on all of our plumbing repairs. We serve the Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding areas. Ben Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth and Arlington is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating.  You can count on our professional Fort Worth plumbers to provide you with protection, assurance, and peace of mind. Do not delay call us today.

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