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Gas Line Repair Services | Fort Worth

Gas Line Repair Services | Fort Worth

Gas Line Services | Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Texas Gas Line Repair and Installation

Gas lines provide clean energy to the appliances throughout your home, such as water heaters, stoves tops and ovens, clothes dryers and furnaces. When you require gas line repair in Fort Worth, or installation, keep in mind that only a plumber with extensive gas line experience and certification can provide safe and reliable gas line services for your home.gas line repair fort worth

Gas Lines for Water Heaters

The unfortunate reality is that hot water heaters eventually must be replaced. When replacing an electric water heater with a new gas appliance a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the professional installation of gas lines, and your new for energy- efficient water heater.

The first goal for any qualified licensed plumber before any repair or replacement is safety. For homes with existing gas lines those lines, fittings and connections will be inspected for any signs of corrosion, leaks, weakening and other safety hazards. Gas line repair in Fort Worth, additional installations or replacement will be provided before installing your new hot water heater.

When we make the final connections, we’ll not only test for leaks, but provide a post-repair inspection, bleed the lines of any air and certify the optimal and recommended flame for gas.

Kitchen Gas Lines

As long as gas service is available for your home, a licensed plumber can install natural gas lines to your kitchen. In older homes, our plumbers provide gas line repair In Fort Worth, and replacement of gas lines that may have been damaged or is deteriorated from age.

For water heaters and other gas appliances requiring installation, gas line repair in Fort Worth or replacement of gas lines, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber where we guaranteed your satisfaction.

Natural Gas Safety

While modern gas appliances make our lives easier and more convenient, they can pose significant risks if proper maintenance and use is not provided.

Natural Gas Stove

Never use your natural gas stove for heating. Doing so can cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) to build up in your home, and may cause permanent damage to the appliance. Keep in mind, the gas stove doesn’t have a ventilation flue. For this reason, always use the vent hood fan when cooking.

Blue Flame

The flame of a natural gas appliance should always burn blue. If the flame is not blue, it may be an indication that the appliance needs adjusting or cleaning by a qualified service technician.

Gas Water heater

Set the water heater temperature to 120°F to prevent accidental scalding. Below this temperature can allow bacteria to grow in the tank, above it poses a potential scalding danger, especially to children and the elderly. The ventilation flue should be routinely inspected to insure it is not blocked by leaves or other debris, resulting in deadly carbon monoxide filling your home.

Gas Grill

Never use a gas grill inside a garage, in an enclosed porch, directly under low eaves or overhangs, and certainly not indoors. Ensure the grill is a safe distance from wood or vinyl siding, deck railings and other surfaces that could ignite.

Gas Dryer

Routinely inspect the clothes dryer’s exhaust duct, vent and hood cover on the exterior of the home remove any lint or obstruction.

Heating system

Have a qualified HVAC technician check the heating system annually. Technicians check for proper combustion, carbon monoxide levels, burner condition and other components to ensure proper and efficient operation.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

All homes utilizing gas should have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor, and located in sleeping areas.

Gas line repair in Fort Worth requires a professional licensed plumber. Do not attempt to repair a gas line yourself, and if you suspect a gas leak, call 911. Natural gas lacks any odor, as a safety precaution, a rotten egg sulfur-like odor is added to help people identify a gas leak. If you smell gas, evacuate the home of all occupants and call 911 once you are a safe distance away.

Gas Line Installation and Repair

Don’t delay gas line repair in Fort Worth; a gas leak is an emergency situation. Call 911, then schedule a plumber for repair.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers gas line installation for residential and commercial applications. Whether you require new installation, replacement or gas lines for remodeling, our plumbers will provide the professional gas line services that you require. For professional gas line repair in Fort Worth contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.