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New Plumbing Installation Fort Worth

New Plumbing Installation Fort Worth

Plumbing Installation | Plumbing Fort Worth

The installation of plumbing in Fort Worth is usually best left to a licensed plumber. If something should go wrong during installation, the warranty on the toilet or bathtub is typically voided when someone besides a certified plumber has provided the plumbing installation.

Drain installation can be tricky, especially over long distances. Get it wrong and wastewater can be draining improperly or even backing up into your home. Code affects drains as well, and includes things like required vent pipes and specifications that are essential for the proper function of your plumbing in Fort Worth.

plumbing installation fort worth


If you have never installed a bathtub it is an installation you will regret not having used a plumber for. It is one of the most difficult plumbing items to install. The size, and weight of a bathtub makes it a difficult job, and getting the drain and the water lines hooked up can be a challenge in tight situations. A bathtub can be a real chore even getting into a bathroom as it may not fit through a door. This is a consideration to think of before you buy as it may require a portion of a wall to be removed to get the tub into the bathroom. A good plumber will recognize any potential problems and will inform you of them, as well as the potential solutions prior to providing any installation of plumbing in Fort Worth.

Sink Installation

Sink installation is simpler as it’s usually much easier to get to all the necessary water and drain lines. One problem that may occur when you’ve dropped the sink into place is that the drain pipe may be too long or short and has to be adjusted. Measuring carefully beforehand prevent this issue. Plastic drains can be cut to fit, or you can replace the drain with a longer section. Proper connection of the pipes is essential to avoid a leaking drain and potential damage to the home. Many DIY homeowners think it is simply cut and glue but it isn’t that simple. Proper cutting and preparation of the pipe surface is essential to ensure a good bond that won’t leak. If you’re uncomfortable with drain installation our plumbers will be happy to assist you with your plumbing in Fort Worth.

Toilet Installation

Toilet installation is easier because there’s no drain pipe to connect. The toilet sits on top of the drain and doesn’t leak because of a watertight seal formed by a wax ring that sits between the toilet and the pipe. You push the aligned toilet down into the wax ring, tighten the bolts that come through the holes in the floor and attach the water line. The toilet is porcelain, so don’t over tighten or it will crack. If the toilet is loose and moves it will require more tightening but be careful not to over tighten. This is where a plumbers experience comes in handy.

Faucets and Shower Head

Selecting an elegant tub fixture is an upgrade that takes an otherwise standard and plain tub and elevates it into a classier unit. Upgrading with a new sink and fashionable faucet provides an elegant upgrade as well. If your bathroom is in good shape but just rather boring installing classy new plumbing hardware is one way to upgrade the bathroom without having to deconstruct the entire room for an updated look. If you are uncomfortable with the installation our licensed plumbers will be happy to install your faucets or other plumbing in Fort Worth.


Shower units are difficult to install due to their size and weight. Drains can be tricky to hook up due to limited space, and a leaking drain can cause damage to your home. Like a bathtub, a shower unit may be difficult to get into the bathroom and may require deconstruction of a wall to do so. New models of shower units that are increasingly popular have of a number of electronically controlled water nozzles at different locations.

Models come in many sizes, shapes and various style, and are available that provide music, and other ultramodern features to provide a relaxing shower that is more than just functional, but a luxurious and enjoyable experience. The difficulty of tub/shower installs are why most homeowners elect to hire a plumber for the installation of tub and shower plumbing in Fort Worth.

Kitchen Fixtures

Kitchen fixtures include the kitchen sink, faucet and a sprayer. There are different types and styles of sinks available, and are made of many different materials. Sinks are mounted by dropping into a hole in the countertop or they can be under mount sinks that actually sit beneath the countertop and make cleaning easier.

The designs available in kitchen fixtures today range from budget friendly and merely functional to top of the line and top dollar. One problem you may run into is a sink with an inadequate number of holes. Ensure that you have the holes you need and not more than you need. If you need a hole to be cut or other assistance give our professional plumbers a call for installation of sink and faucet plumbing in Fort Worth.

The modern kitchen may have gas lines and/or water lines run to an island in the middle of the kitchen. This is not a simple job for even the experienced DIY homeowner. Furthermore, gas is dangerous and should only be connected by a certified professional. A bad connection places your family at extreme risk. Don’t risk it! Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s licensed and certified plumbers for the moving of, and installation of gas and relocation of plumbing in Fort Worth.

Remember, applicable code may require licensed and certified professionals to provide any plumbing installation in your home, check with your municipal or county office before attempting any plumbing project on your own. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth provides licensed, professional plumbers for all of your plumbing in Fort Worth needs. Your satisfaction is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.