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PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

lasts forever, including your home’s plumbing.
While it will last a long time, eventually your home will need repiping.
When plumbing experiences frequent leaks, low water pressure and poor water
quality due to corrosion, it is time for repiping
your home
. Cross-linked polyethylene tubing, or PEX pipe, is a top choice for plumbing
in Fort Worth
. This is due to the fact that PEX pipe is budget friendly,
reliable, and easy to install. 

There are numerous reasons for its popularity,
including the following:

·   PEX is secured to
fittings by crimping. Other pipe materials require glue, or soldering.

·   PEX can be
installed in long pipe runs significantly reducing the number of fittings. This
provides the additional advantage of installing fast in new home builds.

·   PEX can make 90
degree bends without the use of elbows. This facilitates a faster installation,
while reducing the number of areas for potential leaks.

·   PEXs flexibility provides slight expansion and
contraction, meaning it is less likely to burst when water freezes in PEX.

·   PEX is lightweight
for easy handling.

PEX won’t
rust or corrode.

·   PEX can be used for
hot or cold water.

·   With adapters, PEX
can be connected to copper pipe or PVC.

PEX is
color coded, with red typically used for hot and blue for cold. However, other
colors are available for ease of identification in different areas.

PEX can be
insulated with foam wrap insulation.
When PEX is installed in a vulnerable location,
such as an exterior wall, it should be wrapped with foam wrap insulation to
prevent freezing. Routing PEX through indoor walls when possible will eliminate
the need for insulation, However, insulating hot water lines of any kind assist
you with your energy conservation efforts.

·   PEX is resistant to chlorine and chloramine, the
chemicals added to water during treatment.

·      PEX will not
corrode, pit or develop pinholes due to water chemistry.

·   PEX is resistant to buildup caused by hard water
that can clog other piping materials.

·   PEX makes it easy to repair your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth by providing a
shut-off valve for each segment.

·   PEX offers a cost effective solution for
re-piping your plumbing in Fort Worth.

·   PEX conserves energy
by reducing heat loss of hot water.


disadvantages of PEX are very few:

·   PEX is only for
indoor use. It is vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays, which would lead to
premature aging. In addition, even though it is flexible, it is unable to
withstand outdoor conditions that result in freezing.

·   PEX can be connected
to an 18 inch copper or PVC line, which is directly connected to the water heater. However, PEX can’t be
directly connected to the water heater.

·   PEX is not a recyclable

·   PEX can’t be allowed
to come in contact with pesticides, herbicides or other substances due to the
potential for water contamination. 

PEX is NSF International
certified for providing water purity. When you’re looking for a functional, budget
friendly solution for plumbing in Fort
, PEX may provide the solution you need.

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