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PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

PEX Pipe | Plumbing Fort Worth

Every so often, a revolutionary product comes along that completely changes an industry. The field of plumbing has certainly seen its share with the sewer camera, pipe bursting and PEX pipe. PEX has actually been in use in Europe for approximately 30 years, and in the U.S. for over a decade. Copper has long been the gold standard in plumbing. However, with the rise in the cost of copper, PEX offered a cost effective and reliable alternative for plumbing in Fort Worth.

PEX offers several advantages over copper, including it costs less. The installation is easier than copper due to its ability to be installed in long pipe runs without additional fittings being required. Less fittings results in less cost and fewer areas to become potential leaks. In addition, the fittings are attached with a specialized crimping tool, requiring less time than the soldering required of copper. PEX is also a better choice for plumbing in areas with hard water. If you live in an area with acidic water, copper can corrode over time, and PEX is unaffected by it.

Your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth will last a long time under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, all plumbing will eventually require replacement. When frequent leaks, low water pressure and/or poor water quality occur, it’s time to repipe.

There are a number of quality solutions among modern pipe materials, and when your budget is tight, cross-linked polyethylene tubing, or PEX pipe, may be the solution of choice. PEX is reliable, and not only easy to install, but easier to retrofit than other pipe materials in existing homes.

PEX pipe is rapidly growing in popularity. The budget friendly cost isn’t the only reason, as other pipe materials offer the same budget solutions. PEX offers a number of advantages for plumbing in Fort Worth, including:

  • PEX offers superior flexibility and is capable of 90 degree turns without fittings
  • The insulating properties of PEX, reduces noise and heat loss as hot water flows through it
  • Resists freezing
  • PEX improves water pressure
  • PEX is incapable of rust and won’t corrode
  • Provides a budget friendly option for plumbing in Fort Worth
  • Fittings are attached by crimping, rather than gluing, or soldering
  • Can be installed in long pipe runs without the need for fittings reducing installation time and the potential for leaks
  • Lightweight
  • Can be connected to copper or PVC pipe with adapters
  • Available in a variety of colors for easy identification of hot/cold or segments, and facilitates shutting water off only where needed by providing a shut-off valve for each segment
  • Resists to hard water buildup, and water treatment chemicals
  • PEX is NSF International certified


There are few disadvantages in repiping with PEX. They include:

  • PEX is only for indoor use. This is due to its vulnerability to the sun’s UV rays that can rapidly deteriorate PEX when exposed to sunlight.
  • While PEX resists freezing and can expand more than other pipe materials, it is unable to withstand consistent outdoor freezing conditions.
  • PEX can’t be directly connected to a water heater. It requires an 18-inch copper or PVC line with an adapter for connection to a water heater;.
  • PEX is not recyclable.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing licensed plumbers offers a broad range of reliable plumbing services for your plumbing in Fort Worth. If you would like additional information about PEX pipe, contact our plumbers in Fort Worth for assistance. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.