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Removing Buildup with Vinegar

Hard water contains minerals that result in a buildup inside appliances, on shower doors and affect plumbing fixtures, such as the toilet and shower head. The buildup can cause a toilet to flush poorly and restricts the water flow from the shower head if not routinely removed. The following instructions are for removing the deposits from the toilets jets, and shower heads. Eventually the internal areas of a toilet will also be affected, resulting in flushing issues. When this occurs, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth for a professional toilet cleaning that will remove the hard water buildup from internal toilet areas. In addition, buildup is detrimental to the performance and lifespan of the water heater, contact a plumber in Fort Worth for a professional water heater flush.

While you can purchase retail products for the removal of hard water buildup, natural products are just as effective, and don’t contribute chemical pollution to the water in your community. Vinegar is environmentally friendly, low cost and very effective in removing lime scale buildup. When using vinegar on a shower head or other metal finishes, always test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the acid won’t damage the finish. Lemon juice is another natural product that will also remove mineral buildup.

The Removable Shower Head

A removable shower head should simply unscrew. However, if you use a wrench or other tool for removal, place a thick cloth, or rubber sheeting between the tool and the shower head to prevent damage to the finish.

Use a pan large enough for the shower head to fit in. Don’t place the shower head in the vinegar while it is heating. When the vinegar is slightly hot (not boiling), remove the pan from heat and place the shower head in the vinegar and allow it to soak until the limescale is loosened. Don’t use extremely hot or boiling vinegar as damage may occur to plastic and rubber parts. Even room temperature will do the job, just not as quickly, so don’t overheat the vinegar. Allow to soak for two hours, or overnight if required.

When the buildup is loosened, use a soft bristled toothbrush with vinegar to remove the remaining residue. The process may be repeated if necessary.

Inspect the aerator where the water exits. If there is any remaining residue gently brush with a soft brush and vinegar, rinse and inspect again. Remove remaining residue with a straightened paper clip or a dental pick. Rinse the shower head and dry, and screw back on.

Nonremovable Shower Head

If your shower head is not removable, use a leak proof bag to contain vinegar, and attach with thick rubber bands. Allow to soak overnight and rub remaining residue with a soft brush and vinegar. Ensure the vinegar covers all areas with buildup, after testing an inconspicuous area. Contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for installation of new showerheads.

Cleaning the Toilet Bowl With Vinegar

Vinegar or lemon juice will remove hard water buildup in the toilet. Remove all the water possible with a toilet plunger and pour room temperature vinegar in the bowl to cover hard water buildup in the bottom. Use short pieces of bath tissue saturated in vinegar or lemon juice, and carefully apply under the rim pressing in place. Allow to soak for several hours or overnight until buildup is loosened, then brush away.

If you’re tired of the issues caused by hard water, contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth a solution to your hard water.

A natural pumice stone will remove stubborn buildup, use gently to avoid scratching the bowl. While pumice stone can be used in the toilet, don’t use it on the showerhead or any other plastic, metal or stone finish, as it will cause permanent scratching. Consider replacing toilets that are increasingly hard to clean. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide professional toilet installation.

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