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Plumbers in Arlington, TX – Slab Leak

Plumbers in Arlington, TX – Slab Leak

When it comes to problems with plumbing at home, slab leaks are one of the most dreaded issues that can occur. A slab leak can be due to either sewer pipes or water lines. If your water bill has risen sharply for no other apparent reasons then a water leak is usually the suspected culprit.  A sewer leak, however, can continue for years without your knowledge of it. Slab leaks are difficult to detect due to the fact that they are out of sight and beneath the concrete foundation of the home. If you suspect that you may have a water line leak or sewer leak, get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and we will send our professional and courteous plumbers in Arlington, TX to your location to assess the situation and find a resolution for the problem.

The Causes of Slab Leaks

There are multiple reasons for slab leaks, one being poor quality pipe or poor installation in the original install. During the original installation someone might have caused damage to the pipe and that damage may have worsened over due time until a leak finally occurred. Another reason is due to foundation movement, which is related to expansive clay soil that settles or can be jarred by earthquakes. Finally, another cause for a slab leak will deal with aging and deterioration of the plumbing pipes. Eventually any and all plumbing will reach the end of its life cycle and replacement will be required. Whenever water line repair becomes a frequent occurrence, then it is usually time to have your home’s plumbing repiped by professional plumbers in Arlington, TX.  

The Signs of a Slab Leak

Whereas professional leak detection equipment will be able to confirm the existence of a slab leak, there are other signs that can alert homeowners to the presence of a possible leak beneath the slab of your home:

  • You might hear the sounds of running water, even if no water is in use in the home. This sound will be continuous whenever there is a leak.
  • If your water bill is higher than expected and there is no explanation then this can indicate that there is a possible leak in the home, somewhere.
  • Water leaks will cause damage to existing flooring. It will cause discoloration in linoleum, tile or wood. Water will disintegrate grout, crack tiles, displace hardwood flooring, and obvious signs such as wet carpet. Water leaks can also cause the proliferation of mold and mildew.
  • Wet or soggy soil around the foundation of the home when there has been no rain or other explainable reason can indicate that there is a leak.
  • Damp spots on the floor, wet floors or damp drywall can indicate that there is a water leak.
  • If you are experiencing poor water pressure, this is a possibility of a water leak.
  • Musty and moldy smells in your home will indicate an increased amount of indoor humidity. This indicates at the very least a presence of water if not a possible water leak.

Slab Leak Detection

The first step is to ascertain whether the leak is a water leak, a sewer leak and in locating the origin of the leak. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers in Arlington, TX has the know-how, experience and the use of the latest and most advanced equipment to provide accurate leak detections of water and sewer leaks. If you suspect that you have a slab leak, do not put it off for assessment and repair. A slab leak can cause serious amounts of damage to your home, and the foundation. Get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for assessment by our professional plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Before the innovation of video camera pipe inspection, the slab often had to be broken up in order to find the location of the leak. Today, leaks can be identified using this video camera pipe inspection technology. This equipment utilizes a small high resolution, waterproof camera that is attached to a flexible fiber optic cable. Its purpose is to visualize the interior of water line and sewer pipes. The image of the pipe will be displayed on a monitor as the camera is snaked through the pipe. The plumber will able to visualize the problem and its exact location in the pipe without ever having to destroy any of the foundation.

In most cases, skilled and experienced plumbers in Arlington, TX can often find the location and provide a remedy for the slab leak without needing to destroy any parts of your home. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s skilled and experienced plumbers in Arlington, TX can provide the repair to the slab leak without unnecessary destruction and costly restoration.

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