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Plumbing DIY: Ben Franklin in Fort Worth

Plumbing DIY: Ben Franklin in Fort Worth

Replacing a Toilet Tank Handle | Plumbing Fort Worth

If your toilet handle is broken, rusty or if you simply want to replace it with something more aesthetic, replacing it is a simple DIY project for the homeowner with minimal skills. If you have never replaced a toilet handle before follow the simple instructions below. If you aren’t comfortable with plumbing work give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call, we’ll be happy to provide for your plumbing in Fort Worth needs.

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  1. Remove the tank lid and set it in a safe spot as porcelain breaks easy. Look for a model name or number printed on the inside of the tank. Next check for a brand name on the outside of the tank. Write the information down in the event that you need it.
  2. Looking inside the toilet tank you will note that the handle is attached to a long arm and that the arm is connected to a chain that lifts the flush valve. Make a note of which hole the chain is hooked into and mark it with a black permanent marker. Unhook the clasp that holds the chain to the arm.
  3. Use a crescent wrench to remove the nut inside of the tank that holds the handle in place. Most toilets have a left-handed thread. Be cautious, a slip of the wrench can shatter the tank. If the nut is rusty and won’t loosen spray it with some lubricant, let sit for a few seconds and attempt to loosen it again. Once the nut is loosened remove it by hand and slide the arm through the hole. If the nut is frozen in place and will not loosen we will be happy to provide service for your plumbing in Fort Worth.
  4. Purchase a new Toilet Trip Lever, it will include the handle and swing arm. It is a good idea to carry the old handle and swing arm. If the chain is rusted this will be a good time to replace it as well. Swing arms can vary in angle and length so check against the old one for a match. If you know the brand and model number of your toilet this will assist you in purchasing the correct replacement.
  5. Remove the nut from the new handle and insert the arm into handle hole. Replace the nut and hand-tighten it onto the handle base. Use a crescent wrench to tighten it being cautious not to overtighten as this could crack the porcelain which would require a new toilet tank to be installed for your plumbing in Fort Worth .
  6. Clip the chain to the same hole as on the old swing arm. If you are unsure look for the ink mark you made on the old arm. Then flush to ensure proper function. A loose chain will prevent the tank from emptying fully, and being too tight can cause the tank to leak into the bowl. You can adjust the chain by changing the hole it attaches too, or adjusting the chain up or down by a link until it fits properly. If you replaced the chain attach the other end to the toilet flap in the tank bottom. Once the toilet flushes properly replace the tank lid. If you run into any problems feel free to contact your Benjamin Franklin Plumber for assistance with your plumbing in Fort Worth.

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