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Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Sump Pump

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Sump Pump

Sump pumps are a critical component for a home that is prone to flooding. Flooding can cause massive amounts of damage to a home’s structure and its foundation, along with the risk of health problems associated with it due to the potential for the growth of mold, bacteria and mildew. If your home has experienced a flood basement in the past, or is vulnerable to flood waters, a sump pump can help protect it and you and your family’s health. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing if you need professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

One of the most common reasons for flooding in a basement that is preventable is due to clogged or damaged gutters and downspouts. Leaves and other debris can clog gutters which can allow rain water to enter under your roof and can cause flooding in the basement. Gutters that have become bent or broken lose should be replaced or repaired and inspection of your gutters should be done during the spring and fall every year.

Additionally, downspouts that do not carry the rain water safely away from the home can cause flooding in basements. You will need to purchase extensions for these downspouts to safely carry away the rain water to prevent the possibility of flooding.  Another option that you can consider is having the downspouts terminate into the storm drainage if that is at all possible.

The soil around your home’s foundation should be sloped in order to prevent the accumulation of water settling around the home’s basement. If this is not the case, then you will need to rectify this by making sure the soil slopes near your home, or by hiring a professional landscaping company to assist you.

Problems with Flooding that will Require Professional Plumbers

If there is a pipe burst or pinhole leak in the plumbing pipes in your home, this can cause flooding in your basement.  You should inspect your piping every now and then and look for the possibility of leaks.  You can run your hands over the pipes to see if you feel any dampness and for added security you could install flood alarms in your basement to alert you in the event of an emergency. Additionally, some homeowner’s will choose the ease of mind by scheduling maintenance for their plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

During maintenance, a plumber will assess and inspect your home’s water heater, clean out the drains, and inspect the sewer pipes with a video line pipe inspection. They will also test for water leaks, and provide any necessary repairs or other maintenance needs that need to be taken care of.  Professional maintenance is about like having extra insurance. You are less likely to experience a clog, sewer backup or pipe burst whenever you have your plumbing system periodically maintained and assessed. Additionally, if you have a sump pump, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide the needed plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, maintenance and repairs if needed during the routine visits.

Some areas around the home may also be prone to the seepage of ground water, that can find its way into the basement.  A sump pump will be able to maintain a dry basement in scenarios such as these. If your basement is flooded due to water near the surface, only use qualified, licensed plumbers to take care of your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. Basement size and the amount of water will also factor in when considering the size of a sump pump and its capabilities. Additionally, you should consider having battery backup for the sump pump as in severe storms it can be often that electricity can go out.

A water line break or a leaking hot water heater is not a common occurrence, but they do happen. Unfortunately, most scenarios like this do not give much warning when they do happen. A working sump pump will make sure that if either of these problems happens in your basement then the damage can be mitigated by the sump pump pumping the water out of the basement. Get in touch with Ben Franklin for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. If you need any help with selecting a sump pump for your home’s basement and figuring out what size and amount of output you will need you can reach out to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for assistance.  We can handle your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, whether it is repairs, maintenance, or installation. Give us a call today.

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