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Repair or Replace | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Repair or Replace | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Repair or Replace | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Few homeowners’ are aware of water heater problems until it fails to provide the needed hot water. Benjamin Franklin’s licensed plumbers provide repair for all brands of water heaters. When you’re faced with the decision to repair or replace a water heater, the following can assist you in making the decision. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s expert plumbers will provide the water heater installation or the water heater repair in Fort Worth that you need.

Repair or Replace | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Water Heater Age

A common cause of water heater failure is corrosion and a leaking tank. It is recommended that homeowner’s routinely inspect the water heater for signs of leaking. Once a leak occurs, your home and its foundation may have already experienced severe and costly damage.

Water chemistry and the lack of routine maintenance can affect the lifespan of a water heater. On average, a conventional water heater will last about seven to ten years, while tankless water heaters may last twenty years or longer with proper maintenance and service. Age is a major guideline when making the decision to repair or replace a water heater. The cost of the repair for an aging water heater is a second guideline, and it may be a better decision to purchase a new, more energy efficient water heater.

Increased Cost of Hot Water

As water heaters age, efficiency is lost and performance drops. Providing maintenance routinely will assist in maintaining performance. One sign of decreased efficiency and performance is the need to increase the amount of hot water in your shower. During the winter when incoming water is colder, you may need to turn the thermostat up slightly, though lukewarm or cold water in the summer is a definite sign of a problem. In addition, you may have noticed your energy bill is climbing, and this can be due to a poorly performing water heater in need of water heater repair in Fort Worth, or replacement. 

Potential causes of excessive energy use range from the need for a new heating element in an electric water heater, to failure of the appliance. Our professional plumbers can provide the water heater repair in Fort Worth you need. Furthermore, our plumbers will provide a comprehensive assessment of the water heater, determining the cause, and providing you with solutions. You can count on the skill, honesty and integrity of our licensed plumbers, and we back it up with Benjamin Franklin’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Signs the Water Heater Needs Repair

The homeowner’s ability to recognize a problem with the water heater and scheduling timely water heater repair in Fort Worth can prevent larger problems from occurring. The following are common signs that you need to call a plumber:

  • Discolored water may be due to corroding galvanized pipes, a rusting sacrificial rod in the water heater, or it may mean the tank is rusting and will require water heater replacement. A plumber can determine if the sacrificial rod needs to be replaced with water heater repair in Fort Worth.
  • The lack of hot water is a common cause for calling a plumber. Before calling a plumber, check the home’s electrical panel for a thrown water heater breaker if the appliance is electric. If gas, check to ensure the pilot is lit. There are a number of potential causes, and a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can identify the cause, and provide the necessary water heater repair in Fort Worth.
  • An unusually noisy water heater is typically due to sediment buildup on the bottom of the tank. Routine flushing of the tank will prevent sediment, and extend its lifespan. Sediment insulates the bottom of the tank, resulting in breakage of glass protective liners, and leading to rusting of the tank. Once this occurs replacement of the water heater is necessary. 
  • Leaks originating from fittings or water pipe are repairable. However, when a leak originates from the water heaters tank, replacement of the appliance is required. A leaking water heater will cause damage to the home and its foundation. If you note a leak, shut off the water supply to the water heater. If a shut valve is not present near the appliance, go to the main shut off valve typically located near the home’s foundation, or shut off at the water meter. Clean up the water and set fans to dry the wet area. Then call a plumber for water heater repair in Fort Worth, or replacement depending upon the source of the leak.

Earlier this year, new water heater standards went into effect. As a result, energy efficiency was increased, along with the size of the appliance. Water heaters on average are heavier, as well as about 2 inches taller and wider. This makes them difficult to handle, and may create a problem with adequate space when located in confined areas. Furthermore, electric water heaters operate with high voltage, while gas water heaters pose the inherent dangers of gas. For these reasons, water heater installation should only be provided by a qualified licensed professional plumber.

When a problem occurs with your home’s water heater, contact Benjamin Franklin for reliable water heater repair in Fort Worth. Our plumbers provide quality plumbing repair, installation, maintenance and other plumbing services. When you’re not certain whether you need to repair or replace a water heater, our plumbers will assist you with the decision. For service you can rely on, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.