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Rhome, TX Professional Plumbing Services

Rhome, TX Professional Plumbing Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers have an outreach unlike any other plumbing service in Rhome, TX. Our business reach has grown and now covers almost every connecting city, from the center of DFW to the edge of the metroplex.

Residents of Rhome would be happy to know that they also have access to professional and certified plumbers from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing service. Although the city lies far outside our normal area of operations we provide our plumbing service at no extra cost or surcharge.

If you live in Rhome, you can hire our plumbers to complete the following types of services for you.

  • Installation of tankless water heaters in Rhome, TX
  • All kinds of water heater repair in Rhome, TX
  • Installation, and gas line repair in Rhome, TX
  • Plumbing and water line repair in Rhome, TX
  • Installation and repair of water filtration system in Rhome, TX
  • All types of drain cleaning in Rhome, TX

You can hire our services not just to fix problems with your gas and water piping, but also hire us for regular maintenance work.

Tankless and Tank Water Heater Maintenance

One problem that usually occurs with both tankless and conventional water heaters is that the burner gets clogged with frequent usage and causes hot spots that damage the heat exchanger. If you notice that parts of the burner are not producing flames then it would be best to shut down the heater and get the burner exchanged.

Tankless water heaters run water through narrow apertures. If you have hard water running through the heater, it can clog and even damage the opening. One method to sort this problem is to have a filter installed that improves the quality of water fed into the water heater. Another way to fix it is to flush the apertures every six months to keep the holes inside the heater clear.

We recommend getting your water heaters examined for maintenance by Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Rhome, TX every six months, to keep any problems from escalating. Regular maintenance can significantly increase the life of your water heaters and save you costs in expensive repairs and replacements.

Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your plumbing system and sewage piping can help prevent damage and keep the system from clogging. Some of the things you can do to prevent the likelihood of developing clogs are listed here.

Run water through the kitchen drain for 10 minutes every week. Hot water will soften the grease and clogs that accumulate inside the drain pipes and wash it away. Regularly running hot water through your kitchen pipe is the best way to keep it clear.

Some commercial chemicals are available in the market that can be used to clear the pipes as well. While these chemicals are good at cutting down grease you should be aware that they can also damage the insides of the piping. We would not recommend regular usage.

You can use also use baking soda and vinegar to clear the pipes. Baking soda reacts with the sludge that forms inside the pipes and is very effective at loosening it. Vinegar has similar chemical properties that react with the grime inside the pipe, and is good at clearing it away. Both of these are natural methods and do not damage your pipes.

You can also call Benjamin Franklin Plumbers in Rhome, TX to help maintain the clearness in your pipes. We recommend getting all your plumbing examined at least once every six months to ensure that there are no hidden problems developing in the pipes that can become a major headache later on.

Gas Pipeline Maintenance

Your gas pipes provide fuel for cooking in the kitchen and keep the water heater burning that gets you warm water. While it is easier to maintain the gas piping because it is not as spread out as the water plumbing, it is also more important to make sure that there is no leakage in the gas piping.

Leaks and corrosion in the gas pipeline can be dangerous and can cost you money. An obscure leakage in the gas pipes can significantly increase your gas bills. A leakage inside the house, especially in a confined space can cause explosions and accidents, and can be life threatening.

The qualified and professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin service can help you detect and fix any leakages and problems with your gas piping, saving you both money and providing protection from potential hazards.

Water Filter Maintenance

Water is a good solvent and it is very easy for minerals to get mixed with it. Hard water is any water which is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium. While the body does need these minerals and it may not be harmful for drinking occasionally, hard water can leave deposits of minerals in the pipelines and cause erosion.

Moreover, the water we get in our pipelines has chlorine and chloramine mixed into it. These chemicals are good at killing pathogens and bacteria that are naturally found in water.

Your water filter ensures that the water flowing in your pipelines is free from pollutants and harmful chemicals. It also helps keep the water soft which improves the life of water heaters and provides better cleaning for dishes and clothes.

Your water filtration system requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it functioning smoothly. The filter should ideally be replaced every three months. The sediment and carbon filter should be changed at least once every year. The filtration system should be properly cleaned as well, at the time of filter change.

Even the tiniest bit of leakage in the filtration system is a bad sign and you should get it checked by our expert immediately. If the device is dripping, it is possible that the filtration system is not working correctly.

Soap does not mix well with hard water. If you feel that your dish washing liquid or detergent is not forming proper froth like it used to, it could be due to a faulty filtration system.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers can perform filter maintenance and repairs for all models and brands of filtration devices. Our plumber can also fix any leakages and drips in the piping and sanitize your filter tank for a thorough cleaning.