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What do you like best about the industry?

I like being an interactive part of this work-family, teaming together to take care of our customers.

How long have you been in this industry?

9 years

What are you hobbies and social interest?

I’m a feisty Aquarius, and I try to find humor in every place I possible can. I dig gardening and traveling, and I currently on a mission to visit every lighthouse in Texas.

How do you spend a typical Sunday?

Practicing Qi Gong, working in my yard and tending to critters

Favorite sports team?

NHRA team Kalitta!
I’m not much into sports lately but my favorite music will always be Southern Fried Rock!

Family? Kids? Pets?
I recently married my best friend and 5 grown-ups kids call me mom. We trap, neuter, release and re-home stray cats, several of which have adopted us permanently.