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Name: Stephen

Birthday: April, 6th

City of Birth: Red Bay, AL

Relationship Status: Married

Children: none

Started in the plumbing field: 2004

Started at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing: 2010

Responsibility at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing: Office Manager

Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, and playing with my dogs.

What I would be doing if I did not work in the plumbing world: I would love a job that took me traveling to¬†different parts of the US, and I wouldn’t really care what the job was as long as it was honest work.



Name: Jolie (Black Lab/Pit Bull) & Pepper (Texas Shepherd)

Owner: Jolie: I own Danielle (Stephen’s wife), and Pepper owns Stephen!

DOB: Jolie: July 6th, 2010. Pepper: February 2, 2013.

City of birth: Jolie: Forth Worth, TX. Pepper: Paradise, TX.

Relationship Status: Both of us are single and looking! Fellas?

Favorite memory: Jolie: The day my Mommy & Daddy rescued me from the vet’s office after being found along the freeway. I was scared, and someone brought me to the vet. She took care of me, and made me feel and look better after weeks on my own, but I didn’t really like being there. Pepper: The day my Mommy & Daddy rescued me after I wandered on to someone’s property and tried to eat their chickens! My goose would’ve been cooked if not for them!

Favorite food: Jolie: Cabbage! Pepper: Anything….especially chickens!

Favorite hobby: Sleeping & playing really rough.

Favorite toy: Jolie: The squirrel my Mommy bought me in Lake Tahoe. Pepper: ANY ball, but especially my soccer ball!

Responsibility at Home: Jolie: I have the biggest bark, and I sound really tough, so I am home security. Pepper: I am a natural herder, so I keep off dogs, cats, and any pets from the field behind our home out of my yard….and I am in charge of all pillow testing (as long as I don’t eat it first)….Oh! And hole digging…I am in charge of hole digging! My Daddy loves the holes I dig him all over the yard!

What I would be doing if I didn’t have to take care of my owner: Jolie: Sleeping. Pepper: Chasing anything that moved, and trying to get constant attention from anyone that even looks at me for a half a second.