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Sump Pump | Plumbers Arlington, TX

Sump Pump | Plumbers Arlington, TX

Sump Pump | Plumbers Arlington, TX

If your home’s basement has ever flooded, a sump pump will prevent future flooding, and provide protection for your home and its foundation. The sump pump is available in a variety of horsepower, and types. Determining the size and type of sump pump the basement needs should only be provided by a qualified licensed plumber. Contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX for a professional sump pump installation.


Homeowner’s typically prefer a submersible sump pump, but the quality can vary widely. Numerous homeowners’ have bought cheap imported pumps and installed them to their grief. Understanding the products you can depend upon comes with experience, and you can trust Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX for the professional installation of a quality sump pump. 

Determining the causes of basement flooding can assist in reducing the risk. The following are common causes of flooding:

Foundation Damage

Cracks in the basement floor and foundation walls are a common source of basement flooding. Seal cracks with expanding foam. If excavation would be required to seal from the exterior you can seal from the interior. Furthermore, seal around intrusions such as cables, pipes or other penetrations through the. If hot flues penetrate the basement wall, ensure you use a high temperature proof sealant. If flooding continues to occur through cracks, the exterior wall may require professional foundation repair and professional application of a water sealant.

Inspect Gutters

A properly maintained gutter system will not contribute to basement flooding. Gutters collect rain run-off and carry it away from the home and its foundation through the downspouts. From the downspouts, water will drain onto the lawn, into a sewer lateral or into a foundation drain, also known as weeping tile.

When water drains onto the lawn, attach downspout extensions Downspouts that terminate at least 6 ft. from the home’s foundation to prevent foundation or basement flooding. The water should drain where it will be absorbed. Routinely inspect downspouts and clean debris when present to prevent water backing up and flooding under the roof perimeter.

When you contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX for sump pump installation, we can advise you about any additional sources of potential flooding we find, and how to correct them.

For example, if your home is located at the base of a hill, a French drain can provide a protective measure by collecting water and releasing it in a location away from the home’s foundation. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX are a knowledgeable source for identifying and resolving your basement’s flood issues.

Backflow Prevention

An additional source of basement flooding, and sewer backup in the home occurs when heavy rain occurs. Homes with downspouts connected to a lateral sewer line throughout the community can contribute to significant amounts of water entering the municipal sewer system. When the threshold a sewer system can handle is reached, the potential occurs for sewer backup in the basement or home. Backflow prevention devices provide a solution to this problem, and are well worth installing to ensure sewage will not enter the home. 

However, a backflow preventer will require periodic maintenance to prevent clogging. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX can provide the installation you need. 

The Purpose of a Sump Pump

A sump pump installed by Benjamin Franklin’s professional plumbers in Arlington, TX provides a last line of defense against basement flooding. Water tables can change, rain can cause area flooding, and a water line can burst. In either of these situations, water can cause severe damage to the home and its foundation. A sump pump is designed to keep the basement dry. 

Sump pump installation uses a sump pit in your basement for water to collect in, and once the water reaches a specific level in the pit, the pump automatically starts, and pumps the water through a drain. 

In addition, a battery backup sump pump is recommended. Sump pumps operate through the home’s electrical system, and when a power outage occurs, the sump pump will not be able to remove accumulated water. The installation of a battery backup sump pump ensures the removal of water during power outages. 

Furthermore, the battery back-up pump will provide assistance to the primary sump pump during times of unusually heavy flooding. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX can provide the installation you need.

Sump Pump Types

The pedestal sump pump and the submersible sump pump are the most common types to be installed in residential applications. The pedestal sump pump sits above the pit, providing convenience for service. The submersible sump pump is tightly sealed, enabling it be located in the pit, and submerged in water. The submersible is less intrusive, and operates quieter because it is in the pit. The submersible is the preferred pump for a finished basement, as a cover is used to cover the pump and pit, removing the hazard of falls, while ensuring quieter operation. 

When flooding has already occurred, or can potentially occur, the installation of a sump pump can ensure the structural integrity of your home. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX provide professional quality sump pump installation, sump pump service, and sump pump repair. 

Contact Benjamin Franklin’s reliable plumbers in Arlington, TX to schedule professional sump pump services for your home. Our experienced, licensed plumbers offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.