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The Benefits of Drain Cleaning and Gas Line Repair | Drain Cleaning in Rhome, TX

The Benefits of Drain Cleaning and Gas Line Repair | Drain Cleaning in Rhome, TX

The different pipelines in your home and outside your home are of tremendous value to you. You’d never want any connections to your house severed, whether they bring water or gas into your house or carry them out. This is why it’s so important to have someone on the line for gas line repair in Rhome, TX or drain cleaning in Rhome, TX. Both are incredibly valuable services that can save your house from damage and can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs.

What is Gas Piping?

Known as gas supply line or building supply line in layman’s terms, the gas piping in a house is divided into multiple branches that run into different rooms (where required). One line may go towards the storage water heater, while the other may be directed to the stove and another may connect to the home grill and the fireplace. The pipes are usually built with galvanized steel, though pipes have been known to be constructed out of copper, brass and even corrugated stainless steel tubing as well. However, some companies don’t allow the use of copper at all, while others encourage it. Steel piping however, is usually black and fitted with iron or steel fittings. However, all these gas lines need to be monitored for leaks and damages as they can be dangerous for people.


Gas leaks can cause explosions, suffocation, fires and this obviously can cause huge bodily harm to anyone, depending on how close they are to the leak. Smoking and non smoking members of the household can get injured due leaks. Hence, the need for gas line repairs in Rhome, TX. Someone should be on your call waiting if such an incident occurs.

Of course, detecting the source of a leak can be simple or difficult depending on where it’s coming from. But, detecting that there is one is usually easy if you have a keen sense of hearing or smell. One can smell the leak or hear it from the pipe. If you have surmised that there is a leak somewhere in the house, you can get a little soap and water and place it over the pipe. If you see bubbles forming at a certain point, there’s your leak. Or you can call a professional for gas line repair in Rhome, TX and leave it to him or her.

In any case, if there’s even a subtle hint of a gas leak in your home, you should close off that area and prohibit any one from going in, especially if they have anything flammable with them.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Drain systems are made to last and hence you don’t hear about bursting water mains every day on the news. But these incidents do happen due to equipment wasting away and the passage of time. However, they are susceptible to clogs and that can be a huge contributing factor to their falling in to disrepair. Drains carry water out of your home and they need to be uninhibited in their function if your house is to function normally. No one wants a puddle of water forming on the bathroom floor while they’re bathing, and no one wants their sink to overflow while they’re doing the dishes or washing up. That’s extremely off putting to say the least. This is why there’s such a need for Drain Cleaning in Rhome, TX.

A lot of things can clog your drains including the roots of trees and different varieties of wild plants. Torn cloth and pieces of paper that you throw down the drain can also become a nuisance in the long run. This, including soap scum, grease, oil, food scraps and other waste all comes together to form a huge clog that isn’t easy to get rid of. Add to that concoction the daily hair shedding that the body goes through and you have a recipe for disaster.

Now learning of all this, you should be inclined to have your drains checked out and cleaned at least once a year. That’s not optional, that should be mandatory. Think of it this way, if you spend a little on drain cleaning in Rhome, TX now, you can save a lot of money in the long run on equipment replacement, major overhauls and damage control. This way, you’ll save a ton on expensive repairs and increase the lifespan of your current drainage system.

The other benefits of drain cleaning in Rhome, TX are that it can reveal a lot of hidden problems that you were not aware off. Say you find some roots of wild plants or trees blocking your drains. These roots could one day even endanger the soil beneath your home by shifting the ground beneath it. This can cause major structural problems. Trees have also been known to slowly chip away at walls and knock them down after years.

You may not notice now, but these problems can take a toll on your home’s infrastructure and eventually bring the whole thing tumbling down.

Calling for drain cleaning in Rhome, TX is also beneficial in a technical way. The drain cleaning techniques that professionals will use won’t damage your drainage system or its surroundings. They will use organic, enzyme-based drain cleaners that will form products that won’t corrode the piping and will generally not harm the surrounding wildlife.

If you want the best drain cleaning technicians and gas line repair in Rhome, TX, then don’t waste any time and call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We’re waiting patiently for your call, what are you waiting for?