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Top Ten Renovation Mistakes That You Should Avoid in the Bathroom

Top Ten Renovation Mistakes That You Should Avoid in the Bathroom

There is no shame in saying that your bathroom has now become your refuge. We want our bathroom to be as comfy as our bedroom and as beautiful as our living room. The one sink, tub and toilet expectations have fallen so far below that we are no longer satisfied with something that is ordinary . . . even in a bathroom. We want something luxurious to escape the daily humdrum in our life, so that we can recharge in peace. With outrageous designs from an LCD screen to a sofa and even an AC unit, a person can be sucked into renovation designs that will boggle the mind. Perhaps this is why most people feel that they need to renovate their bathroom into something that comes right out of a magazine.

However, there are some huge drawbacks to these bathroom renovations, mainly the plumbing in Arlington, TX! In renovating our bathroom, we lose sight of what was necessary and what was just for show. This causes a lot of problems because in our haste to get that picture perfect look, we often overlook the technical aspects. A wrong nail here and there and its possible that you might have a flood on your hands. A friendly advice would be not to spend too much of your time and money on corners that can be left as they are. Once your plumbing in Arlington, TX gets damaged, your dream bathroom will struggle to live up to its glorified look after a few months.

Below are the top ten bathroom renovation mistakes that you should avoid:

1.     Overspending

The only renovation that brings in a large sum of money is the outwards appearance of a house. Once you start spending on other areas of the house, the renovation can and will quickly morph into a deep money pit that you will have trouble wading through. So, in order to avoid over spending, keep the renovation cost below 1.5% of your property’s value.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they go for custom makings that require elaborate fixtures. These fixtures are the reason why they experience plumbing problems in the future. The more you spend now, the more you will be spending on plumbing in Arlington, TX in the future.

2.     Inadequate Ventilation

If a bathroom has inadequate ventilation, then be prepared to see specks of mould on the ceiling and walls on every occasion. Even after a good scrub, you will see the mould returning a great deal faster. This is why, instead of completely changing your bathroom’s outlook, go for re-painting and re-buffing.

3.     DIY Waterproofing

As a matter of fact, take out the word DIY from your list of repairs when it comes to the bathroom. Most people watch You Tube videos and try to tackle the job of fixing plumbing problems on their own, which often results in a huge watery mess. A job like this calls for plumbers in Arlington, TX who are professionals at handling this. Remember, any DIY repair that you think you can do, they can do better and with great precaution.

4.     Changing the Bath

Unless, you have had a recent injury and are looking for something more convenient that will help you shower easily, you don’t need to change the bath. Installing a new bathtub will not increase the sale price of your house by much. It might increase the hassle of leaks that might come down a few months later.

5.     Squeezing In Too Many Changes

Overcrowding can cause untold damages to the bathroom. A bathroom should be spacious, so that you don’t bang yourself every time you turn around. The less clutter there is, the more comfortable you will be. One of the best ways to open up your bathroom is to install wall cabinetry and in-wall toilet cistern. If you squeeze in too much, the fixtures might nick the pipes that can cause a leak.

6.     Poor Drainage

The number one cause of poor drainage is the poor installation of tiles. By installing large format tiles, the water will not flow towards the drainage system, which will result in sludge, mould and bad odor. Before it comes down to you trying DIY tricks and pouring pots of hot water down the drain, better get the plumbing in Arlington, TX by professional plumbers. If you feel that the current drainage system is not good enough, invest in a new one and get it installed side by side the old one.

7.     Functionality vs. Appearance

Most people often overlook a feature’s functionality when it comes to bathroom renovation. Yes, that particular feature is the right addition for your dream bathroom but what good will it be if you have to call for plumbing in Arlington, TX later? Before installing anything, why not take suggestions from professional plumbers in Arlington, TX. They will help you in making an informed decision that will minimize any plumbing costs in the future.

8.     Not Enough Space

As mentioned earlier, keep the changes to a minimum. Instead of installing more cabinets for towels, hairdryer and other bathroom amenities, why not got for hand rails, hooks, holders, vanity drawers and cabinet mirror. This way, you can conserve space and avoid hitting any plumbing pipes that can cause damage.

9.     Elaborate Light Fixtures

The higher your bathroom ceiling, the harder it will be to clean any light fixtures. It is better to keep them old style, so that they go along with future changes. It is better to keep everything simple to avoid any short-circuits.

10.Bathroom Divisions

If your house has a bathroom that is divided into to two rooms, where one has the toilet and the other has the tub, it is better to keep this setting. There might be some plumbing or drainage problems that forced the owner to separate the bathroom. Before knocking down the wall, consult plumbers in Arlington, TX to make sure that there won’t be any problems regarding the renovation in the future.

Sometimes, small changes are the cause behind a huge problem. When it comes to bathroom renovations, it is necessary to assess the situation from every angle, to make sure that you won’t face any plumbing problems in the future. If you are looking for professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, visit Benjamin Franklin. They offer various bathroom plumbing services from fixing drainage systems to small bathroom repairs, bathroom designs, sink tub replacement, faucet repair and more. To know more about their services and packages, call at 817-478-4119.