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Video Pipe Inspection | Plumber Arlington

Video Pipe Inspection | Plumber Arlington

Video Pipe Inspection | Plumber Arlington

Sewer pipe problems are among the worst plumbing issues a homeowner hopes never to face. Even worse are those that cause sewer backup in the home. In the past, identifying a problem with a sewer pipe required excavating the pipe buried beneath the ground. Fortunately, todays Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington has the latest technology for a real time view with a video pipe inspection

Video Pipe Inspection | Plumber Arlington

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The waterproof sewer camera with its flexible fiber optic cable provides a high-resolution image. The technology allows the plumber to diagnose the problem, and determine a solution without excavating the pipe. In addition, the video pipe inspection provides the tool for diagnosing the cause of clogged drains. With the information gathered from the video inspection, the plumber is able to identify the proper solution for drainage issues.

Modern advances in plumbing technology allow the plumber in Arlington to find and identify the problem without excavating your lawn and prize azaleas. In most cases, trenchless technology also enable the plumber to provide sewer pipe repair without excavation of the lawn. 

Problem Solved

Once the problem is identified and a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington has provided the repair, a free follow up video inspection will be provided. This ensures the resolution of the problem, and the ability of the pipe to provide efficient drainage.

A video pipe inspection allows the plumber in Arlington to identify sewer pipe problems such as:

  • Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipe – physically damaged pipe will require replacement by your plumber in Arlington. In the past, faulty pipes required costly excavation to identify and locate the problem. However, the video pipe inspection makes excavation for this purpose unnecessary. The inspection provides the exact location of the problem. 
  • Offset sewer pipe means the pipe has become misaligned. Potential causes include shifting soil, the freeze, and thaw of soil, settling, and other causes. 
  • Pipe blockages, such as tree roots or stubborn grease are a common cause of poor drainage. Once tree roots find their way in a pipe, they will grow until they eventually fill the pipe, and block the flow of effluent. 
  • Older homes may have metal pipes with corrosion and rust, which can result in hazardous sewer effluent leakage, blockage, or collapsed pipe. 
  • Bellied pipe occurs when a section of the pipe sags due to soil conditions. The sagging section creates low point where paper and waste can accumulate forming a blockage. 
  • Leaking pipe joints occur when the seals between the pipes have deteriorated, allowing sewer effluent to leak into the ground. This can result in contaminated waterways and the water table, placing the community potentially at risk of illness. 
  • Root infiltration occurs when tree roots invade the sewer pipe in the search for water. The roots grow within the pipe, causing blockage and damage. A video pipe inspection enables the plumber in Arlington to identify root invasion and determine the best method to take care of the issue.

The Signs of Sewer Pipe Problems

Sewer pipe problems can be ongoing for years without the homeowner’s suspecting anything until a problem with drainage occurs. The signs indicating a problem with the sewer pipe include:

  • Odor – The plumbing system includes drain traps and ventilation pipes to prevent sewer gases and odors from entering the home. Problems with a clogged or disconnected vent pipe are one potential cause of sewer gases entering the home. Sewer leaks in the underground pipe can potentially result in sewer odor outdoors.
  • Backed-up sewer line – It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare; a clogged sewer pipe can result in sewage backup into the home. Even worse, sewage backup can result in the overflow of sewer effluent from low-lying points. The potential consequences to your health from the effluent require the prompt intervention of a qualified, licensed plumber in Arlington. Never delay sewer pipe repair due to the risks to you and your family’s health.
  • Lush, green lawn sections – The leakage of sewer effluent is a likely cause of lush, green grass near a sewer pipe. 
  • Pooling water – Unexplained and unusual pooling of water on the lawn may indicate a leaking sewer pipe. Sewer odor may or may not be detectable.

A Benjamin Franklin licensed plumber in Arlington can provide video pipe inspection for an accurate identification of drain and/or sewer pipe problems. Our plumbers are licensed professionals with the experience to offer first quality services. You can rely on our plumbers for accurate diagnosis, repairs, and installations. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides quality plumbing services in Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.