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Why is water filtration a necessity? Types of filters and systems to choose from

Why is water filtration a necessity? Types of filters and systems to choose from

We cannot survive without water. In fact, even our cells are made up of 70-80% water content. It is a biological need and to ensure that we only drink the best, water filtration is a necessity. We assume that the water we drink every day is clean, but is it really pure?

As global population and climate continue to change rapidly, we are struggling more than ever to preserve and secure our natural resources. Even though it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that all people living within the country are provided with pure drinking water, it is not always the case. The water that we get through our taps includes chlorine, heavy metal, pesticide, and bacteria; organic and inorganic compounds that contaminate the water. Considering how crucial drinking water is to human life, and keeping in mind that we do not have regular access to natural spring water; buying bottled water can be both inconvenient and expensive.

Why you should filter tap water

Here are a few reasons why you should filter your tap water:

  1. Filtered tap water tastes and smells better as all the chemicals and compounds are removed after filtration.
  2. Excess of lead is present in tap water. After filtration it is removed, making it safe for drinking.
  3. When you install a countertop filter, it is cost-effective compared to bottled water. Countertop filters provide healthy, clean water for drinking.
  4. The chances of rectal cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer are reduced when you use filtered water because it removes chlorine.
  5. Clean water helps build children’s immune system.

Types of water filters

You must choose a water filter system that best fits your requirements. Some of the common types are:

• Active Carbon and Charcoal filters

Activated charcoal has the ability to absorb impurities such as chlorine from the water. An activated charcoal filter does not absorb sodium and nitrate and they pass right through. This means that this type of filter will absorb some impurities and leave behind the safe components of water.

• UV sterilization

Known for effectively destroying bacteria, UV light sterilization is a process in which water is run through a chamber and exposed to UV light. It leaves behind zero byproducts and does not change the taste of water, in fact, improves it. It is a time-efficient method which does not affect the good minerals of water.

• Reverse Osmosis

This extremely effective method consists of a membrane which is made up of microscopic holes. The system is divided into two sections; when water is passed through the membrane, all the contaminants stay back on one side while clean water flows to the other side. Contaminants are flushed out while clean water is collected.

• Slow sand filter

Supported by a layer of gravel, slow sand filter system comprises of a bed of graded sand in a confined box. It has openings on both ends, allowing water to flow in and out. It operates on a gravity basis. This filter removes water muddiness naturally.

• Fiber filter

Cellulose and rayon are spun into a small pore mesh in this filter system. This system is exactly like running sand water through a clear cloth. Water is sent through tightly wrapped fibers with pressure to ensure that it is filtered. There are several options for mesh types and sizes readily available in the market. For installation of water filtration system in Arlington TX get in touch with a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing expert.

• Ceramic filter

This filter works on the same ground as a fiber filter. It can help remove bacteria from water. It is advisable to use a mesh size that is 0.5 micron.

Types of water filtration systems

There are three main types of filter systems that are commonly used:

  • Under-the-counter systems:

Although it requires installation and can be expensive, these filter systems are regarded as the best ones for water filtration. They are out of sight but definitely not out of mind.

  • Countertop systems:

Water is forced through to clean water in these systems. It makes water taste better and definitely healthier. They require minimal installation and remove more contaminants than a pitcher system.

  • Water pitcher systems:

Readily available, these systems are portable. They do not require installation and easily fit into the refrigerator. Although they do not provide thorough cleansing of water, they do remove major harmful compounds from water. To get a quote on the best water pitcher system in Arlington TX, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

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