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Water Filtration Systems | Fort Worth

Water Filtration Systems | Fort Worth

Clean Water | Water Filtration System Fort Worth

The installation of a water filtration system provides both economical and convenient high quality water direct from your home’s tap. The use of a water filtration system provides a number of advantages over tap water, including sparkling, great tasting, clean water, without any of the contaminants that you will find in municipally treated water. A Benjamin Franklin plumber can ensure that you receive the water filtration system in Fort Worth that your home requires.

Bottled water is not strictly regulated by the FDA, and is only required to be as good as tap water, which isn’t typically free of contaminants. In fact, there are more than 2,100 known contaminants in drinking water. You will not, of course, find anywhere near that number in a single source of drinking water in the United States, but there are more contaminants than most people care to ingest.

The common chemicals used to rid drinking water of bacteria, chlorine and chloramine, are contaminants themselves that can cause cancer and damage to the nervous system.

Water filtration systems differ in the contaminants they will remove. This enables the consumer to select the system that removes the contaminants identified in their water quality report for custom water filtration. A Benjamin Franklin plumber can assist you in selecting the water filtration system in Fort Worth tailored for your needs.

There are various factors to be considered in the selection of a filtration system. A few of these include the contaminants present in your water, the quantity of water your household will require, and the time you want to invest in maintenance. There are a number of types of filtration with the most common being the carbon filtration system and reverse osmosis. A Benjamin Franklinplumber can assist you in the selection of the appropriate water filtration system in Fort Worth for your home.

The Benefits of Carbon Filters

Carbon is a highly absorbent substance, and is extremely effective in trapping impurities. Carbon with an added electro-positive charge, otherwise known as activated carbon or charcoal, adsorbs (as opposed to absorb) chemicals, organic compounds and other contaminants, reducing their number.

The two primary types of carbon filters are carbon block filters and granular activated carbon filters. These filters are effective in removing including chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, radon and VOCs. Both types of carbon filters have substantial filtering capacities; however, block filters are more effective. Both are exceedingly effective in providing clean, great tasting water that is odor free. However, carbon filters will not remove heavy metals or dissolved solids.

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse Osmosis was originally developed to extract salt from seawater. Reverse Osmosis utilizes pressure to extract water through a semi-permeable membrane and filters the impurities from it as it flows through the membrane.

These filters are extremely effective for extracting contaminants from the water supply. They draw out more pollutants and chemicals than any other water filtration system in Fort Worth. The membranes used in reverse osmosis will leave water 99% free of impurities. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth today for a professional installation.

Water filtration system in Fort Worth provide a solution for homeowner’s who wants to ensure safe, great tasting water.

Hard Water Sediment

Hard water scale and sediment can collect in the bottom of the water heater and is deposited in the toilet bowl, and affect other areas of the home. Showerheads and faucet aerators tend to become clogged due to mineral build-up. A water softener will prevent hard water from clogging and damaging your water using fixtures and appliances.

Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers utilize expertise, and strive to exceed your expectations with each and every job. We offer a wide range of plumbing services and water filtration system in Fort Worth to assist you in achieving safe, clean water. Contact us today for professional plumbing services. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.