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What Your Plumber Can Do To Help You Go Green | Rhome, TX

What Your Plumber Can Do To Help You Go Green | Rhome, TX

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Have you been thinking about going green in your home and aren’t sure how to do it or how a plumber might help? Well, the truth is that there are a lot of different things you can do to go green and your plumber can actually help you with several of them. You just want to make sure that you are going about it in the right way and that you’re hiring someone who can really work with you to make the right decisions about what your home and your family needs from a professional in Rhome, TX.

Low Flow Toilets

One of the first things that you can do to help cut down on your water usage is install low flow toilets in your home. While most newer toilets are already low flow by default, older ones definitely don’t have the same features. That means if your home or your bathroom hasn’t been updated in a while you could be using a whole lot more water each time you flush the toilet. And while that may not seem like a big deal, even a small amount of extra water each time you flush can make a big difference.

Another benefit is that low flow toilets are going to cost you less. That’s because you’re already using less water and when you have to pay your water bill at the end of the month you’ll find that it’s a whole lot less expensive. Once again, just a small amount of water can add up to a lot of money in the long run and that’s definitely not something that you want to deal with. You want to be able to get your home running and keep it running as inexpensively as possible. Calling a plumber to help will take no time at all and get you up and running in no time.

Fix Your Plumbing

Another important thing that you can do is fix the plumbing in your home with the help of a professional. You can fix leaks especially that are using up a great deal of extra water and save yourself money and help the environment while you’re at it. Even a small leak can cost you a whole lot on your water bill each month. And the worst part is you may not even know that you have a leak. That’s why it’s so important to have your plumbing checked out routinely to make sure there’s no leaks going on inside the walls or anywhere else you can’t see them.

If you have noticed a leak somewhere or you’ve noticed that there are loose faucets or drains that drip then you absolutely want to get them fixed quickly with a Rhome, TX plumber. These things can cause even more serious problems if you don’t take care of them right away and before you know it you could end up with a big mess. That’s going to cost you a whole lot more than just a high water bill. It’s also going to cost you a great deal in cleanup and whatever needs to be repaired. So why not get these things taken care of a whole lot faster and see where you can fix the problem?

Energy Efficient Showerheads

Newer showerheads have regulators on them that make sure you’re not using too much water. Once again, if you have an older home or you haven’t upgraded your bathroom in a while you could have a showerhead that’s using a great deal of water. Also, if you removed the regulator from your showerhead it will use a whole lot more water. This may seem better when you’re taking a shower, but it’s actually not better for the environment or for your water bill. You want to make sure that you’re using it or replacing older showerheads. Call a plumber to help you out.

Taking slightly shorter showers will also help you to improve your energy efficiency. You don’t need to cut your shower in half or take only five minute showers (though that will do a great deal toward helping energy efficiency and your water bill). Rather, you can simply cut a few minutes from your shower each day and you’ll save a great deal all around. It doesn’t mean a whole lot less for you and you’ll still be able to take the shower you want. You may not even notice those extra few minutes that you weren’t really doing anything anyway.

Eco Friendly Faucets

Just like everything else in your home that uses water, your faucets and taps can also be set to use less. Make sure that you’re working with your plumber to find out about the different options for lower flow faucets and taps in your bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen (or anywhere else that you have water). This will help you reduce your use, which is great for the environment and also great for you and your family. Reducing the water usage is going to help cut down your bills, after all.

Keep in mind also that you want to cut down the use of water as much as possible. Of course you want to follow normal health and safety guidelines and make sure that you’re taking care of all of the different health needs you have associated with water, but you may be able to cut down on how much you’re turning your faucet on or leaving it on. For example, washing dishes or brushing your teeth don’t require you to leave the water running, but many of us do. By turning off the water when it’s not directly being used you can help reduce your usage and your bills. Your local, Rhome, TX plumber can help you with other options and ideas as well.

Cut Down on Loads

Your dishwasher and your washer use a great deal of water and unfortunately they use the same amount no matter how full the load is. So, the best thing that you can do is make sure that you’re filling up each of these machines before you run them. You’ll be able to run them less frequently, which means you’re going to be saving on your electrical and water bills. That’s definitely going to help you out in the long run by saving you a great deal of money. And you’ll still get everything you need clean.

On top of that, you’re going to have the ability to save water for the environment as well. If you only run your washer and dishwasher when they’re completely full you’ll run them less often and you’ll be maximizing the amount of energy and water that they are using because you’ll have a lot more clothes or dishes in the machine. That makes you a whole lot more energy efficient in the long run as well. And all you have to do is wait a little while longer to run them (which means you get to wait longer before doing the laundry).

Sprinkler Systems

You can talk with your local plumber about all of your water needs, including outdoor water needs. While they are likely not the one that’s going to set up your sprinkler system, they can give you some tips and pointers about how to cut down on the amount of water that you’re using and what you should be doing to make sure that you’re only using your sprinkler system when you need to. That might mean turning off automatic settings so that you can manually set your sprinkler only when your lawn really needs it (or even dropping the system entirely). It only takes a few minutes for a plumber to fill you in on some of the top options.

Clogged Drains

You might not think about clogged drains as being part of an eco-friendly solution but they absolutely are. You want to make sure that you’re getting rid of clogs in your home that could be making your water run slower or clear slower. In fact, when you have a blockage you’re more likely to use more water trying to get rid of it. That’s because you may try to push the blockage through, which only causes more water usage and higher costs for you, not to mention more damage that requires a plumber to fix.

Also, you’re more likely to use harmful chemicals on your drains, which means that you’re allowing those chemicals into your home, your plumbing system and the environment as a whole. Instead, getting clogs fixed early on and calling a professional plumber to do it can reduce these problems and make sure that you’re not harming your family or the environment with these types of chemicals and more. It doesn’t take much to get rid of a clog when it’s still small, and that’s why a professional plumber is key to making sure you’re on the right track. All you need to do is make sure you’re watching for the signs of a clog.

Other Considerations

Now, it’s important to think about the fact that your energy efficiency isn’t all about plumbing and water. Your local plumber can help you with a number of things, but they’re not the only ones that you need to work with. Besides the plumber, you want to talk with your construction team and anyone who does any kind of remodeling or work on your home. That’s because there are plenty of other ways that you can become more eco friendly and far more energy efficient as well.

For one thing, cutting down on your use of electricity is a big thing. It will help you to improve your energy bills, which means you’re going to spend less. It’s also going to cut down on the amount of energy used overall, which is going to help the environment. It means turning off lights, not using electrical appliances unless you need to and using them more efficiently. All of these things can help you and the environment and they also don’t force you to change your lifestyle dramatically.

While some people can easily (and happily) change their life to do everything they can to help with the environment, most people are looking to make some simple changes first and work their way up from there. So, start looking for ways that you can cut your water usage and your electricity usage. These are two simple things that you can start doing a little at a time and recognize a huge difference. The really great thing is that you’re going to see the improvements for yourself right away in the form of your bills going down, and that might be enough to encourage you to keep right on going with the changes.

Talk with your plumber about the things that they can help you with and make sure that you’re putting some of the easiest ideas into practice right away. A few minutes less on your shower each day or turning off the water while brushing your teeth will make a huge difference and you likely won’t even notice the difference. The same is true of installing a low flow showerhead or low flow toilet. These are designed to help you still use your home the way you would expect but also help the environment (and your bottom line) while you’re at it.

Changing Your Home

When you’re ready to start making some changes to your home all you need to do is call up the team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth. You’ll be surprised at just how much you could be saving on your water and even energy bills if you were to start looking at your usage and cutting back.Plus, you’ll be able to get a professional plumber who can help you. And it’s not all about saving the planet (though that’s a big factor). It’s also about helping you to save some money that you could be spending somewhere else. What could be better than a little extra money in your pocket that you aren’t spending on water or hiring a plumber all the time?

With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing you’re going to have everything that your Rhome, TX home needs. Our plumbers will help you figure out ways to improve your plumbing and take care of your home so that you can start going green and making the most of everything you do in your home. The planet is definitely counting on you and it won’t take much for you to start making those changes. A few small items and a small investment with a plumber now can save you and the planet a whole lot in the long run, so why not give it a chance?