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Garbage Disposal | Plumbers Fort Worth

Garbage Disposal | Plumbers Fort Worth

Garbage Disposal | Plumbers Fort Worth

A garbage disposal can assist you to
reduce kitchen waste by grinding up scraps and flushing them through the sewer
system. According to Consumer Reports, more than half of U.S. households have a
garbage disposal, reducing the amount of waste going into landfills. Benjamin
Franklin plumbers in Fort Worth are
trained to the highest standards, and can provide the professional garbage disposal
installation or repair that you need.

The garbage disposal is often one of the most abused appliances in the
kitchen. The garbage disposal isn’t engineered to grind everything, and this is
the cause of numerous problems with the appliance, and for clogged kitchen
drains. Drain clogs are a common reason for homeowner’s to call Benjamin
Franklin’s plumbers in Fort Worth,
and improper use of a garbage disposal is a frequent cause of a clogged kitchen

The following provides a comprehensive list of things you don’t want
to place in a garbage disposal. However, refer to your owner’s manual for
additional details. If you question whether something can safely be placed in a
disposal, disposing of it in the trash can prevent the need for repair by our plumbers in Fort Worth.


Bone is one
of the hardest substances there is. To avoid damage to the garbage disposal
don’t allow bone to go into the appliance.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds
won’t hurt the garbage disposer, but are bad for the drain. Contrary to popular
belief, coffee grounds will not prevent a drain clog, but they can cause one.
They settle like sediment in the plumbing,
and are difficult to flush out, increasing the likelihood of a clog.

Egg Shells

membrane inside egg shells can wrap around moving parts and potentially cause
damage. Place egg shells in the trash, or if you prefer a greener solution – egg
shells contribute vital calcium to compost. Calcium is excellent for tomato
beds in preventing diseases such as wilt.

Grease, Oil, and Fat

Never dump
grease, oil, and fat in the disposal or any drain. Being in a liquid state will
not prevent drain clogs. As it moves down the cooler drain, it rapidly
solidifies, clinging to the pipe walls and building up over time. Eventually a
grease clog occurs, and only hydro
services provided by licensed plumbers
in Fort Worth
can completely clear a grease clog. No amount of plunging,
hot water or even a drain auger can completely resolve a grease clog. The
proper disposal of grease, oil, and fat is to allow it to cool, place in a
sealed container and in the trash.

Onion Layers

vegetables, especially those with film or membrane type characteristics, can
wrap around blades and other moving parts, potentially causing damage. Place
them in the compost or trash.


The shells of
nuts and seafood are extremely hard, and can damage the disposal blades, and
reduce the appliance’s lifespan. Place nuts and shells in the trash.

Pits and

Pits and
seeds are hard, and are often round in shape. Small, hard, round objects won’t
grind up very well. Throw them in the trash.

Rice, Pasta, or Bread

Rice, pasta,
and bread absorb water and expand, creating a starchy substance that can clog
drains. Throw them in the trash.

Stringy, Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables

Stringy fruits
and vegetables will wrap around blades, jamming the disposal. Don’t place
stringy, fibrous vegetables such as celery, artichokes, banana peels, potato
peels, rhubarb, chard, kale, lettuce, greens, or asparagus down the garbage disposal,
place them in the compost.

Large Amounts

of what the food item is, when it is a large amount – place it in the trash or
the compost. In addition, remember to feed the garbage disposal slowly. Placing
too much or feeding it too fast strains the motor, and can lead to a reduced
lifespan or damage. In addition, chop large items into smaller pieces. Taking
care of your garbage disposal, will ensure it provides you with service for a
number of years, and prevents the need for plumbing
by our plumbers in Fort


Don’t use chemicals
to clean the garbage disposal, Instead, pour a little dish liquid down, turn on
the water, and the disposal. The dish soap will help break down any grease and

Non-Food Stuffs

Don’t place
non-food item in the disposal. Paper, plastic, wood, metal, styrofoam, or glass
belongs in the trash, not the disposal.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Fort Worth meet or exceed industry standards. Contact
us for garbage disposal repair or garbage disposal installation, and
other reliable plumbing services.
Our plumbers in Fort Worth have the
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