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7 Upgrades Your Plumber Can Do That Will Improve Your Quality Of Living | Pantego, TX

7 Upgrades Your Plumber Can Do That Will Improve Your Quality Of Living | Pantego, TX

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If you’re interested in improving the overall quality of living within your home, you should really consider upgrading your plumbing. Outdated plumbing can really take a toll on your quality of living. For example, if you don’t have the latest water heaters, your hot showers may be interrupted by ice, cold water. If your pipes are old and worn down, there may be leaks everywhere and you may find that you constantly hear annoying sounds in the background.

There are plenty of plumbing upgrades that can really improve the quality of your living. These upgrades can also improve the resale value of your home. In a way, these upgrades will pay for themselves.

If you’re unsure of what plumbing upgrades your home needs, speak with one of our plumbers in Pantego, TX. Our professionals are well-educated on the different advancements that have recently emerged in the plumbing industry and will have a good grasp on the plumbing upgrades that will benefit your quality of living.

This article will look at 7 plumbing upgrades that can really make a huge difference. Most of these upgrades are fairly easy to make and should take our plumbers no time at all!

#1. Smart Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters are now considered quite outdated. When it’s time to switch to a new heater, most homeowners are going to want to look for a model that has smart capabilities. Smart water heaters are able to offer a wide variety of additional functionalities and features, like:

  • A smart thermostat that will allow homeowners to set the temperature more precisely (and perhaps even remotely with their phones)


  • Diagnostic programs and screens that will quickly let them know if there is a problem and how that problem should be solved


  • Energy programs and software that will respond to the water usage within the home in order to conserve hot water

Smart water heaters are becoming more and more popular. These are some plumbing upgrades that are not as well-known yet. Due to this reason, you might have difficulties finding reviews and more information online. If you’re interested in this type of plumbing upgrade, you’ll have a lot more luck speaking to one of our plumbers in Pantego, TX.

Our plumbers are well educated on the different plumbing advancements that have emerged recently. They can help you choose a smart water heater that will fit the needs of your home.

Another thing to note is that some smart water heaters are actually tankless. These water heaters will give you an endless supply of hot water, so you’ll never have to worry about icy, cold showers. They’re also quite energy efficient in comparison to standard water heaters.

#2. Smart Toilets

Water heaters are not the only plumbing appliances that have really upgraded in recent years. Smart toilets are also becoming more and more popular. In fact, smart toilets are commonly found in many countries outside of the US. We are only starting to catch up in this area.

Smart toilets are able to offer many additional functionalities that you simply won’t find with standard toilets. Some of the functionalities that smart toilets can offer include:

  • Automatic flushing so you never have to touch the toilet handle ever again (this also helps prevent the spread of germs)
  • Overflow protection to prevent messes and floods
  • Massaging bidet washes for a cleaner poop every time
  • Heated seating for a more comfortable user experience, especially in the winter
  • Self-cleaning features that will give you one less chore to worry about
  • Built-in sensors that will notify you immediately if there are any leaks
  • Nightlights that will come in handy if you ever need to use the toilet at night
  • Bluetooth and mp3 speakers that can greatly improve the overall user performance

Different brands and models have different functionalities. Naturally, some of the more high-end models will have almost all the functionality listed above. The type of smart toilet that is best suited for your needs will vary. Our plumbers can help you find what you need. It’s also much easier to work with one plumber and to upgrade all of the toilets in your home rather than do it individually.

#3. Greywater Systems

Greywater systems are pretty interesting and can help your home save a lot of money on energy and water. To take water that has been used but has not come in contact with any fecal matter and diverts it to a recycling system. This means that the water gets recycled back into your home, so your household uses less water.

Here’s an example. With a greywater system, the water that your washing machine used to wash your laundry will get recycled for irrigation. It may even go through a system that cleans the water, so it can be used for other purposes as well. Studies show that a greywater system can help homes save up to 40,000 gallons of water every year. This is great news for those who live in areas with water restrictions, as they won’t have to worry about restrictions as much. They can water their yard with water that was used to wash dishes or the laundry.

Greywater systems are also particularly beneficial to homes that rely on a septic tank. This earth friendly technology will prolong the life of your septic tank, as your septic tank will not need to handle as much work. With that said, greywater systems are rather difficult to set up. You definitely want to consult with a plumber before you take any action.

Our plumbers will make sure that you have a solid game plan. They’ll let you know how to use the greywater system and will divert the water safely, so it doesn’t end up clogging the plumbing.

#4. Smart Showers

We’ve already touched upon smart water heaters and smart toilets, so let’s take a look at smart showers. These plumbing upgrades are definitely the epitome of luxury, and they’re not as popular as the other two options. Due to this reason, you may have difficulties finding reviews and other information on different brands and models. If you ask one of our plumbers, you’ll usually get a lot more detail.

Smart showers are also able to offer additional functionalities that are not found in standard showers. For example, homeowners can control the temperature much more precisely with a smart shower. They can change the temperature of the water using a digital panel or some type of app that might be connected to their phone. They can also use different platforms to turn the shower on and off. Some plumbers will install a smart shower that can be turned on or off by voice. This is extremely convenient.

Some smart showers can be integrated with other smart appliances for even more convenience. You’ll need to speak with one of our plumbers in Pantego, TX to learn more about the different types of smart appliances that are available. Smart appliances are not only convenient, but they can also save you a pretty penny in the long run.

#5. Touchless Faucets

Many homeowners are becoming more and more interested in plumbing appliances and upgrades that will improve the sanitation of the home. Touchless faucets are one of the many plumbing upgrades that can truly make a difference. You don’t need to touch any handles in order to wash your hands, as they have sensors that will detect when your hands are under the faucet.

There’s a huge demand for touchless faucets in kitchens. Think about it. When was the last time that you cooked? Was there grease or even flour all over your hands? If you wanted to wash them, you’d have to touch the handle of the faucets, which would then transfer all of that grease or flour onto the handle for you to clean afterwards. With touchless faucets, washing your hands when cooking will no longer be a problem. You’ll make less of a mess inside your kitchen.

Touchless faucets are more convenient and a bit easier to use. They’re great for those who may have some type of physical limitation. Touchless faucets can also be installed in bathrooms as well. Oftentimes, homeowners will wish to switch all of their faucets to touchless faucets. If they purchase the touchless faucets from the plumber and have the plumber install them, they could save quite a lot of money.

#6. Bluetooth Shower Heads

Do you love singing in the shower? You’re not alone, as many Americans do.

One of the best plumbing upgrades that you can install if you love to sing in the shower is bluetooth shower heads. You can jam out to your favorite tunes in the morning or you can put on some serene music and relax in the evenings. Many bluetooth shower heads may come with smart showers. This is definitely something you should explore when you talk to a plumber about plumbing upgrades.

Bluetooth shower heads are usually connected to some type of mobile device. This type of plumbing upgrade doesn’t really offer you any practical functionality. It’s merely a luxury item. Still, it’s definitely something that could make your days feel a lot brighter.

You may not necessarily need a plumber to install a bluetooth speaker for you; however, if you want to integrate the bluetooth speaker with other smart plumbing appliances, you should speak to a plumber ahead of time to see whether he or she has any recommendations.

#7. Leak Detectors

Last but not least, one of the most practical plumbing upgrades that you can get for your home is leak detectors. Leak detectors are able to notify you whenever there is a leak in your plumbing system. There are many different types of leak detectors. Some of them are passive while others are active.

Our plumbers will take a look at your plumbing system to determine the type of leak detector that is best suited for your home. They will also determine where the leak detectors should be installed for best results. In general, the leak detectors will be installed in areas where leaks are most likely to occur. You’ll need a professional to take a look at your system to determine where those areas may be.

Some experts will tell you that leak detectors will pay for themselves over time. By having leak detectors installed in your home, you’ll be able to catch minor leaks early on. This can save you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend repairing water damaged. You also save money on your water bill if you deal with the leakages while they are still a small issue. Repairing minor leaks and cracks in the plumbing system will also be a lot cheaper than repairing a large leak. Minor repairs require less equipment, time and tools.

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