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Our Guarantee

The Ben Franklin Plumbing Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers reliable, upfront pricing, by the job, not the hour. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, or we will redo it Free! We provide quality work with honest and reliable service. We specialize in a variety of plumbing services such as repiping, leak detection, bathroom remodeling and more! Our trucks carry enough inventory to fix 90% of repairs on the initial appointment, saving you money and time.

All of our repairs are guaranteed for a full 2 years.

Ben’s “Customer Bill of Rights”

Your satisfaction is backed by our “Customer Bill of Rights.” You deserve respect and so does your home.

That’s why your Benjamin Franklin Plumber does more than just fix your plumbing problem.

Level Headed Pricing

Take the financial fear out of calling a plumber with Ben’s simple and straight-forward pricing policy.

Ben’s Ironclad Guarantee

All of our repairs are guaranteed for a full 2 years.

Got a Nuisance or a Disaster?

Did you know there are more itty-bitty intricate components in your plumbing system than any other part of your home? Hundreds of things can go wrong — from annoying nuisances to major disasters. Benjamin Franklin Plumbers are trained and experienced at handling them all.