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Are You Looking For A Plumber? | Haslet, TX

Are You Looking For A Plumber? | Haslet, TX

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Plumbing is a very essential part of a healthy home. A plumbing system is any system that delivers fluids for a variety of applications. Plumbing uses tanks, plumbing fixtures, valves, pipes, valves, pipes and other devices to transmit fluids. Most water supply lines are made using the copper piping material although plastic materials are becoming more popular and are more approved due to their higher quality.

Plumbing includes all of the water supply and water waste lines when the home’s foundation is built, a plumber runs a supply line from the street through the foundation wall or the slab. From there, they connect the lines that supply water to the building and rooms where showers, bathtubs, sinks and other fixtures will be installed.

The plumbing system is required to keep the home’s occupant safe, including;

  • An anti-scald feature at each shower fixture to keep water from getting too hot.
  • Traps at each fixture in order to keep harmful sewer gases from leaking into the home and also help prevent unwanted things, like debris or hair, or things that fall down the drain, such as rings, from going down the drain and clogging the waste system.
  • Drain waste vent pipes to push out dangerous sewer gases through the roof. This ensures that the environment is clean.

Remember, the choices you make regarding your plumbing system will help ensure your home performs the way you want it to, and that it’s absolutely safe for you and your family. When your home is being designed, talk to your builder about;

  • The hot water tank’s storage capacity ensures it is enough for your family.
  • An expansion tank for the water heater, which is a safety measure to prevent pipes from rupturing.
  • The type of water heater that will be installed in your home and how gases are expelled from the home (it should be either direct or power vented).
  • How efficient your water heater is.
  • Whether a more efficient system like a heat pump water heater or instantaneous water heater is appropriate and what the additional cost would be.
  • What kind of delay you can expect in each of the bathrooms and if the builder can install a circulation system to minimize the delay.
  • The locations of outdoor faucets, where you will need to use a hose.

If you are situated in Haslet, TX, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, Haslet, TX is the best company to deal with any issue you might have concerning your plumbing system. We offer services from simple jobs such as fixing your faucets, toilets or showers to complex jobs such as remodelling your home or inputting a plumbing system in a home you are planning to build. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, Haslet, TX has the most efficient plumbers for your every need. We serve both the residential and commercial sector.

Plumbing Services

What can we do for you?

No matter what your problem is, whether installation or repairs, you can always rely on Benjamin Franklin of Fort Worth, Haslet, TX to provide you with great plumbing service. We begin with knowing what exactly the problem is then our very qualified workers will give you the repair options you have according to your needs and your budget.

We offer a variety of services including:

  • Emergency Plumbing Services

When a pipe bursts in your home in the middle of the night, our plumbers will be available to repair the damage. When your water heater gets damaged early in the morning and you need to go to work, give us a call and we will send our very qualified employees who will get the issue settled on time making it easy for you to get to work early.

  •  Leak Detection

When one of your pipes is leaking, there may be a big problem brewing. A leaking pipe waste water, costs you money, and has the potential to cause significant damage to your house. When you have a hunch or you have seen that one of your pipes is leaking, be it slab leaks, pool leaks or leaking pipes, you can give us a call and our skilled employees will be able to detect whether there is a leak and we will repair it immediately.

  • Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing enables us to dispose of waste, cook and keep our environment clean. Sometimes we may not notice that one of our plumbing components is broken. When you need a plumbing repair, our very high-skilled team will offer you solutions for every type of plumbing issue and repair.

  • Drain Repairs and Installation

Drains are one of the most important parts of the house. It helps remove waste water quickly and easily. When your drain pipes are clogged , when you want your drain pipes cleaned or cleared or when you want to install your drain pipes you can call us. We will send our team to help with whatever you need.

  • Pump Repairs and Installation

Water pumps transport water when the typical plumbing system has low pressure thus it does not provide functionality. Pumps supply water from wells to residential houses, allow lawn irrigation, and allow effective filtration in pools. We offer installation of water pumps, pool pumps or sump pumps. We also do repairs of all types of pumps.

  • Water Heater Repairs and Installation

Water heaters are one of the most relied upon machines in a home. When they work, we enjoy hot water. Water heaters make hygiene easy through daily hot showers. We offer repairs and installation of water heaters. Whenever you need to repair your water heater, give us a call and we will be there on time to repair or install your water heater. Our employees are highly trained, fully licensed, experienced and up to speed with the latest developments in the constantly changing water heater industry.

  • Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is the most efficient way to throw away waste . When your garbage disposal pipe is broken, smells, clogs, has a humming motor with little or no grinding, leaks below the unit or has water pooling in the sink area, you will notice immediately due to the smell. Our company is ready to help. Our team is ready to repair your broken garbage disposal, provide a replacement or do installation of garbage disposals when needed.

  • Faucets, Showers and Bathtub Repairs

Faucets, showers and bathtubs are one of the most used plumbing systems. When they malfunction, it becomes a big problem. They should always work how you expect them to. Our team is ready to ensure that they do. When your faucets, showers and bathtubs are broken, we will be there ready to repair, replace them. We also install showers, bathtubs and faucets in new homes.

  • Water Treatment Services

Water is one of the most important resources we have. Although drinking water should be the safest thing one drinks, drinking water can be contaminated. Therefore it is very important to add an extra layer of protection to your drinking water. Here at Benjamin Franklin, our employees are ready to offer various water treatment services making sure that your drinking water is safe and healthy. We offer water softener services and water purification services to keep your family safe from contaminants in your drinking water.

Why choose our company?

  • We Are Local

With Benjamin Franklin, you get the best; local licensed plumbers with national expertise. We are independently owned and operated therefore we live and work in the very community we serve thus the people of the community feel a commitment to wonderful service. We hire people from the local community who are able to resolve all plumbing issues helping boost the local economy.

  • Our Plumbing Guarantees

We ensure that our customers have a piece of mind by not just making promises but we also guarantee our work. We guarantee that we will provide our services on time, clean and friendly employees and affordable pricing. With Benjamin Franklin, we assure a hundred percent satisfaction. We stand behind our work. We ensure that your plumbing system is fixed right the first time. Our guarantees and are the best in the industry because we are concerned with helping clients regain comfort in their own homes.

  • Our Punctuality

We are aware that you are a busy person and your time is very important to you. That is why we always arrive on time to your home. When you do not have time to wait for us, you can be sure that our plumbers will be on time. Be it very early in the morning before you go to work or very late in the night before you go to bed, we will come on time and deliver the best services.

  • We Are Prepared for Almost Everything!

Benjamin Franklin has given their technicians with a fully equipped van. The van is filled with very many parts and tools that enable our highly skilled plumbers to offer installation, repair or replacement services. This enables our plumbers to be ready to handle almost all of your problems in one visit. Therefore, there will be no return trip, no rescheduling, no extra time or money spent.

  • We Have Very Highly-qualified Workers.

Here in Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we make sure that we hire the best of the best plumbers. We make sure that our plumbers are skilled, local and professional. Our technicians are able to repair every problem you might have at once. We ensure that you get a team that you can trust. We are always ready to make sure that you are comfortable in your home. Our experts design, repair, and install according to the highest standards in the industry. Our plumbers have qualities that make them easy to work with. They are; skilled, friendly and respectful.

Our employees are clean. They will always make sure to clean up after they are done.

Our workers have agreed to maintain a drug free workplace and to have formal drug testing procedures.

  • Our Great Ethical Standards

In Benjamin Franklin, our main goal is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We ensure that there is always a plumber who is ready to offer excellent service whenever you need one. Our team adheres to a strong code of ethics, we offer professional and excellent customer services. We do all our work with courtesy, competence, cleanliness and with a great character. Our team has integrity, respect for the law, ensure excellent services, and respect for your privacy. We also value fair competition.

  • Bio-Ben

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we provide reliable services and products. Since drain clogs are one of the many cases that we receive, we created Bio-Ben. It is the most technologically advanced microbial drain, grease and septic and trap treatment. It begins to work when it is introduced in a drain line or collection system immediately. Bio-Ben is easy to use and it eliminates emergency call backs. It makes breakdown and digestion of petroleum hydrocarbons, fats, and proteins to occur at a faster rate. Bio-Ben is an environmentally safe formulation containing non-pathogenic bacteria.

  • Ben Franklin Society

Our company has created the Benjamin Franklin Society which is a membership club designed to extend the life of your water heater and protect your home from unexpected plumbing difficulties. The technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are highly-skilled and trained. When you sign up for a membership, you receive a safety inspection, leak check and water heater tune-up for your plumbing system annually. The benefits you get as a member are:

  • We ensure that you do not get a big problem by detecting it before it is too late.
  • We do an annual inspection of your home and check for small leaks or drain clogs.
  • We annually inspect your water heater thus extending the life of your water heater and reduce the risk of breakdowns.
  • You will receive priority service when you need it.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is one of the best plumbing companies in the united states. We provide excellent services from our highly-skilled employees and plumbers. We ensure you are comfortable with our work. We are punctual and we solve all your plumbing system difficulties. Whenever you need plumbing repair,replacement or installation, give us a call. We will be there in no time.