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Arlington Gas Leak Repair

Arlington Gas Leak Repair

Gas Line Leaks | Plumber in Arlington

If you suspect that you have a gas leak all occupants should leave your home immediately and call 911 after being safely outside! Once everyone is safely outside call 911 and then your gas provider. Everyone should stay a safe distance from your home. It takes only a tiny spark to ignite gas and cause a potentially fatal explosion. Do not use a cell phone until you are a safe distance away. Gas line repair will require the services of a plumber in Arlington and the surrounding regions.

A gas leak is one thing that should never be ignored, not even for a moment. Even without an explosion a gas leak can prove fatal from the inhalation of the gas. Asphyxiation is the typical cause of death due to inhalation, and those who survive can suffer permanent brain damage.

A gas leak requires repair by a qualified licensed plumber, not just any plumber will suffice. Your life and that of your family depends upon the quality of work that is provided by a plumber in Arlington.

Arlington Plumber gas Leak repair

For a certified provider of gas line installation or gas line repair in Arlington or the Fort Worth region give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call for prompt service.

Our qualified and licensed plumbers provide the following gas line service:

  • Gas Leak Detection-Our experienced plumbers have the expertise and equipment to detect gas leaks. Once detected your plumber in Arlington will recommend the best repair.
  • Gas Leak Testing-Our dedicated plumbers will inspect all areas for a leak within the home and the lawn.
  • Gas Leak Repair-Our plumbers are gas repair specialists who will safely repair your gas leak promptly and efficiently.
    Causes of Gas Leaks
  • Gas leaks may occur due to digging. Before digging in your yard have your provider clearly mark the location of the gas line, the service is generally free.
  • Age can affect sealants and joints, allowing leaks to occur.
  • High pressure can cause gas lines to rupture.
  • Corrosion can occur over time.
  • Faulty installation can cause loose fittings and other problems that can lead to leaks.

The Benefits of Using Gas

Natural gas can be great to have in your home. It is reasonably priced in comparison to most other gas. It is widely available and prevents having to count on a truck that may or may not deliver a tank of gas before you run out. It provides a more humid heat than electric heating making it warmer.

Gas is also convenient to use for an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor kitchen. A grill connected to natural gas can cook the steaks and ribs without the worry of running out of fuel in the tank.

Our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing gas experts will install, move, repair or inspect gas lines for you. Due to the hazardous nature of gas, it is recommended that gas lines and gas appliances are inspection annually. This service can accompany your annual plumbing maintenance and inspection by your plumber in Arlington. The following tips are provided to help keep you and your family safe in relation to gas.

  • Only use certified professionals for gas line installation, repair or relocation.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in key areas of your home on both floors.
  • Get a gas line inspection for appliances that use natural gas by a qualified plumber in Arlington annually.
  • Have vents, flu, and chimneys of all gas water heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces inspected to ensure proper ventilation of exhaust.
  • Never use an oven to heat the house, damage can result to the oven and cause toxic carbon monoxide to be build up in the home as gas stoves/ovens do not have a ventilation pipe. Always turn on the oven hood fan that vents outside when cooking with a gas stove.
  • Never sleep in a room heated by a gas or kerosene space heater that does not have proper ventilation.

Natural gas does not have an odor on its own. The odor of garlic, rotten egg or sulfur is an added component to enable you to smell a gas leak.

When you need a licensed plumber in Arlington to provide gas line repair in Arlington call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s exceptional plumbers for service you can count on. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.