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Benefits of Installing a Home Water Filtration System in Crowley, Texas

Benefits of Installing a Home Water Filtration System in Crowley, Texas

Whether you live in Crowley, Texas or any place in the world, easy access to clean water is a necessity for everyone. Without it you will be exposed to contaminated water which can be seriously injurious to your health.

Clean water is a basic requirement for your home for multiple activities like drinking, bathing, cooking and even cleaning. For the human body, which is 70% water, clean water is vital for a long healthy life.

Although many homes get clean water, the irony is that only a certain percentage of it is 100% safe for consumption. As the population grows, different types of pollution grow with it. Waste emitted by factories has increased the number of contaminants in fresh water resources. Chemical compounds and toxins are diluted into the water coming to our homes, making it a cause for many diseases.

To the naked eye it might seem like the water you get from the utilities, is clean but you can’t be sure until you have it tested. It is essential for your health that you invest in a water filtration system as it will give you control in removal of chemicals and compounds that contaminate your water. Getting the water tested will reveal to you what kinds of compounds and chemicals are active in your water stream.

If you live in Crowley, Texas, you might be unaware that the water you get has elements which cause hardness; which means your water supply has Calcium and Magnesium more than required. These compounds in excessive quantities can cause chemical imbalance in your body; and also clog your drainpipes. A water filtration system which can remove these compounds will decontaminate the water, making it more suitable for consumption.

As clean water is quintessential for the human body, a water filtration system can help in provision of uncontaminated water. For you and your family’s health, installing a water filtration system in Crowley, TX at your home has many benefits. Some of these benefits are:

• Safe Drinking Water 24/7

Having clean water without a water filtration system means you need to buy and stock up on bottled drinking water. But a case of emergency like bad weather condition can leave you out of clean drinking water and you might need to resort to tap water. A water filtration system cleans the 24/7 municipal water supply you get and makes it consumable.

If you live Crowley, TX your municipal water supply will have some level of hardness. A water filtration system will remove these impurities and soften the water for daily use. This will eliminate your dependence on bottled water and give a 24/7 supply of clean drinking water.

• Environment Friendly

If you get bottled drinking water for your daily consumption in Crowley, TX, you end up throwing away the bottles or recycle them. In the past few years the US alone has produced close to 50 billon waste bottles/year; out of which only 38% were recycled while the rest ended up in landfills. These bottles will take almost   500 years to disintegrate, putting strain on the environment.

A water filtration system is more environment-friendly and eliminates the need for you to purchase these plastic bottles.

• Cost Savings

The average person living in Crowley, TX, who purchases bottled water, spends around $900 each year on them. In the year 2017 a total of $16 Billion was spent just on bottled water in the US. Having a water filtration system installed can save you up to $700 per year. The initial installation cost might be a bit high (around $500) but over time it reduces the cost almost to a $100 per year.

• Reduces Plumbing Repair

Living in Crowley, TX means the water you get is naturally hard in nature and contains elevated levels of Magnesium and Calcium. The compounds of these elements can damage your plumbing systems and create clogs in the drainpipes. These compounds also cause build up and corrosion not just internally, but also around the sanitary ware.

Specialized water filtration systems contain cartridges and screens which remove these compounds and filter them out, softening the water.

• Reduce Skin and Gastrointestinal Diseases

Hardness elements and pollutants which contaminate the natural water resources have been found to be detrimental for living things and causes different diseases. Hash chemical waste can introduce lead, chlorine, fluoride and other elements in the water which can aggravate and trigger skin conditions like psoriases and eczema.

Besides the skin, consumption of contaminated water has been proven to be the cause of multiple gastrointestinal disorders. Different bacteria, chemicals and parasites can contaminate the water and can upset the digestive system and cause some minor and major diseases.

Installing a water filtration system in Crowley, TX at your home removes these contaminants and makes the water safe for drinking.

• Other Benefits

The hard water quality in Crowley, TX prevents the soap from lathering and causes buildup on skin which can irritate it and cause an allergic flare up. This buildup in the laundry machine can damage it and make it malfunction. Similarly, hard and unclean water can leave soap deposits on your dishes and bathrooms.

A water filtration system has water softening qualities that remove harsh chemicals and hardness causing elements. Making the water safer for daily use; including drinking.

It’s not just you and your family which will get all the benefits of the clean water; your pets and indoor plants will also benefit from it. Similar to humans, contaminated water can have adverse side effects on your pets and plants; clean water can regain and ensure their health.

The aforementioned benefits are only a few which come straight to mind. If you ponder over it a bit longer you can find numerous other benefits of having a home water filtration system. Being aware of the unlimited benefits, it is a better choice for your overall health and environment to have a home water filtration system in Crowley, TX.

For proper installation and any other upkeep, you need to have experts do it for you. The plumbing team at Benjamin Franklin has professionals who are equipped with the correct knowledge and tools to provide water filtration system solutions. If you live in Crowley, TX or surrounding areas, then contact Benjamin Franklin now to avail expert services at unbeatable prices.