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Best Plumber Tips To Avoid Plumbing Leaks And Other Problems | Mansfield, TX

Best Plumber Tips To Avoid Plumbing Leaks And Other Problems | Mansfield, TX

Water damage can cost you a fortune in repairs, replacements, and restorations. And unfortunately, the homeowner’s insurance may not cover this. Depending on the severity of the problem, water damage may also jeopardize your home’s foundation. The only way to prevent this problem is by taking care of your plumbing. This article will talk about helpful tips to avoid the costs associated with plumbing leaks, and why it’s essential to get professional leak detection. For other concerns with your plumbing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a plumber in Mansfield, TX.

How to avoid leaks:

Protect Your Pipes in the Winter

When the temperature starts dropping, it’s important that you freeze-proof your pipes by insulating them. Otherwise, the water inside them will likely freeze and the pipes can burst. In addition to adding an insulating blanket, consider slightly opening your faucets so that warm water can flow through the pipes. You need to also protect your outdoor faucets as they can likely freeze too. If you need additional help, contact a plumber.

Water damage can be costly, but you can avoid it by winterizing your home. You’ll know the water inside the pipes is frozen as you won’t be able to use the faucet or water heater. This is a plumbing emergency — contact a professional right away to help you thaw the frozen pipes. If the pipes have already burst, please don’t attempt to do any plumbing repairs to avoid further problems with your plumbing. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing — we have competent and highly skilled plumbers that can tackle any plumbing problems, including frozen pipes. We’re also available 24/7, so feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll quickly dispatch a technician to help you permanently resolve the issue.

Learn How to Use Plumbing Appliances and Fixtures

If it’s your first time using the garbage disposal or dishwasher, please ensure that you read the manual first before operating the appliance. Don’t use it if you’re not sure how to operate the appliance correctly. Otherwise, you may end up with a costly repair or damage the product

For installation, please make sure that you only hire a licensed professional in Mansfield, TX, to ensure the appliance or fixture is correctly installed. Never attempt DIY installations for major plumbing appliances to keep the warranty. Most manufacturers require professional installation to keep the warranty intact. Also, don’t hire unlicensed professionals because they don’t give out guarantees. So if they make a mistake, you likely will need to spend more money on repairs. Unlicensed plumbing companies don’t have insurance, so you’ll have to shoulder all the medical costs if they get injured. You can avoid these problems by hiring licensed and highly qualified professionals in your area.

Get Regular Plumbing Maintenance

A regular plumbing inspection can help determine if there might be serious plumbing problems that need to be addressed asap. A licensed plumbing company will thoroughly check your entire plumbing system for any issues during the inspection. Hiring a professional for regular plumbing maintenance can avoid costly plumbing emergencies, so please never neglect this. Also, it’s important that you only hire highly qualified professionals for this — and that’s where Benjamin Franklin Plumbing comes in. All of our plumbers are licensed and highly experienced with plumbing maintenance. We’re also fully equipped, so there’s no need to schedule another appointment if something comes up. Our team will resolve the problem on the same day as much as possible.

Don’t Neglect Your Plumbing

Do you suspect there might be problems with your plumbing? We recommend that you contact a licensed plumber at the soonest possible time. Plumbing emergencies don’t occur overnight; they usually happen gradually, when homeowners neglect their plumbing. For example, some of you may ignore mold growth in the ceiling, thinking it’s nothing causing problems. What you don’t know is that there might be hidden leaks behind the wall, and it’ll already be too late by the time you find out the problem. You can avoid costly plumbing repairs by not neglecting your plumbing. Call for help immediately — contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing at your earliest convenience, and we’ll quickly dispatch a technician to your location.

Install a Sump Pump

If you live in a storm-prone area, please make sure that you consider installing a sump pump to avoid flooding in the basement. A sump pump is a device installed either in the basement or the crawl space. When water fills the sump pit, the sump pump float is switched on and it turns on the pump. In addition to defending your basement against costly flooding problems, having a sump pump also protects the paint and wall coverings in the basement. If you have appliances such as the freezer, washer, or dryer, the sump pump can safeguard them.

With a sump pump, you get to also improve indoor air quality, keep your home’s foundation intact, and reduce mold growth. However, please make sure that the pump does work. You need to test it before the storm comes. Better yet, have a spare battery if the power suddenly goes out. To extend the lifespan of your sump pump, please make sure that you maintain your pump regularly. Contact a plumber in Mansfield, TX, if you need help with sump pump maintenance.

Flush the Water Heater Tank

Water heaters are an expensive investment, which is why it’s crucial that you properly care for them. If you have the conventional water heater, one of the things you can do to keep it in excellent shape is flush out the sediment buildup. You need to get rid of the mineral buildup at the bottom of the tank or it’s going to affect the efficiency of your water heater. Failure to flush out the mineral buildup can also lead to leaks in the tank. And keep in mind that you will have no choice but to completely replace your water heater when water starts leaking out of the tank. If you have other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumber.

To avoid flooding, you can also consider switching to tankless water heaters. Not only do they save energy, but you don’t have to worry about leaks as they don’t store the hot water. Also, you can mount them on your bathroom wall. While they are more expensive than tank-type heaters, they last twice as long and require little maintenance. For installation, make sure that you only hire a licensed plumber.

Install Leak Detection Devices

Leak detection devices can alert you of a possible leak and automatically turn off the shut-off valves to prevent further damage. Place these devices near your water heater, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and washing machine. If you need help with the installation, please contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today. Our team can also help you make an informed decision on what leak detection device to install for your home.

Reduce Stress on the Pipes

High water pressure can severely stress the pipes and lead to water leaks. If you have high water pressure at home, please get a pressure regulator to help you fix the problem. Or contact a plumber in Mansfield, TX, if you need further assistance.

In addition, high water pressure doesn’t just lead to plumbing emergencies but can also waste hundreds of gallons of water. Ensure that you address the problem as soon as possible to avoid issues down the road.

Tighten Fittings and Seal the Joints

Joints not sealed properly and loose fittings are some of the causes why pipes leak. Call a plumber so they can thoroughly inspect your kitchen and bathroom and ensure the fixtures are in good working condition. Also, if you’re replacing bathroom or kitchen fixtures, please only work with a licensed plumber. Poor installation can also lead to other problems that may cost you more money down the road.

Install a Water Softener

Hard water can shorten the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures and appliances, including the water heater. You can remedy this problem by installing a water softener for your home. But make sure to only work with a licensed plumber in your area for the correct installation of this appliance.

Switch to Stainless Steel Rubber Washing Machine Hoses

Are you still using rubber hoses for your washing machine? We recommend that you consider switching to stainless steel as they are more susceptible to damage and wear & tear. Compared to rubber hoses, they also last longer. If you want to avoid leaks and other water damage in the laundry area, we suggest that you consider buying stainless steel hoses. Contact us for the correct installation.

Why Hire Professional Leak Detection Services

To prevent leaks and other issues with your plumbing, we recommend contacting a reliable and trusted plumber for professional leak detection. Below are some of the benefits of getting this service:

Saves Time and Money

One of the best things about professional leak detection is that a plumber can find the exact location of the leak. If it’s underground, there’s no need to do some digging as professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art tools that let them find the exact location of the leak. Rest assured that your home is protected and safe with the tools available. It’s going to save you time and money because it’s non-destructive and non-invasive. Just make sure that you hire competent people for it. Never cut corners when it comes to leak detection — always the right people in Mansfield, TX.

Lower Bills

When your bills have suddenly skyrocketed, that could indicate leaks in your plumbing. If you don’t address the problem, you won’t only end up with a massive billing statement, but your home could also suffer. Hidden leaks that are not resolved at the soonest possible time could result in a costly plumbing emergency.

If you’re seeing signs that there might be leaks in your plumbing, such as mold growth or water spots in the ceiling and walls, please contact a plumbing company right away for professional leak detection to diagnose and remedy the problem. Our professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are equipped with all the right tools and equipment to help us determine the leak’s location. We work incredibly hard to ensure that all problems are resolved promptly.

Prevents Major Issues With Your Plumbing

As mentioned, hidden leaks can turn into costly plumbing emergencies if not addressed on time. With professional leak detection, you can also avoid serious issues with your plumbing. It can help you prevent expensive repairs and replacements. However, please make sure that you only hire qualified plumbers to get the job done. You can’t afford to hire an unlicensed or inexperienced plumber in Mansfield, TX, as that may even lead to bigger problems.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth

For plumbing repairs, installations and maintenance, you need a trusted and reliable plumbing company that employs highly qualified and licensed plumbers only. And that’s where Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth comes in. We offer a wide range of plumbing services to all homeowners and businesses in Mansfield, TX. You can count on us, for we have built a reputation for being punctual plumbers. And we’re quite serious about this — when we say we show up at a certain time, we really will. Rest assured, we are never late.

At Benjamin Franklin, no job is too small or big for us. Our fully licensed and insured plumbers can get the job done right the first time. We’re also fully equipped, which means there’s no need to set up another appointment. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue on the same day.

Do you need a professional to help you install a new water heater, or do you need assistance in choosing which water heater to acquire for your home? We can help too! We have knowledgeable staff always willing to extend a hand. Also, you can contact us during emergencies as we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get in touch with us today for an appointment.

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