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Do You Know How to Deal with a Leaking Pipe? | Call Your Trusted Haslet, TX Plumber

Do You Know How to Deal with a Leaking Pipe? | Call Your Trusted Haslet, TX Plumber

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Leaking pipes are a serious problem for Haslet, TX residents. To some extent, this is because leaking pipes use up more water, thus making for a bigger water bill at the end of the month. However, the bigger problem is that leaks tend to get worse and worse over time, meaning that there is a very real risk of people seeing their homes flooded. Suffice to say that water can cause a great deal of damage within a very short period of time, so much so that interested individuals should do all things within reason to prevent such scenarios from coming to pass. One example of which would be understanding how to handle a leaking pipe either on their own or with the help of a professional.

How Do You Know that You Have a Leaking Pipe?

For starters, interested individuals in Haslet, TX need to understand some of the signs of a potential leak so that they can call in a professional plumber as needed:

Higher-than-Normal Water Bill

A higher-than-normal water bill is one of the surest signs that something is wrong with the plumbing system. However, it is important to note that said problem can remained unnoticed for some time because it will start out small before increasing a bit each month. As a result, interested individuals need to keep a watchful eye on their water bill for the best chance of catching such problems as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are also cases in which water bills will see a big increase all of a sudden, which might be much easier to notice but is also much more pressing by nature.

Mold and Mildew

Excess moisture produces more hospitable conditions for mold and mildews. There is a wide range of potential causes for excess moisture, meaning that the presence of mold and mildew isn’t necessarily a sign of a leaking pipe. However, it is definitely a sign that something needs to be done because mold and mildew can have a very negative impact on human health. Please note that mold and mildew can grow in places that are out-of-sight such as under the floor or within the walls, meaning that it is possible that interested individuals will smell something musty before they see it. When that is present, they will want to call a professional plumber for the relevant expertise, experience, and equipment.

Signs of Water Damage

If Haslet, TX residents are lucky, they will catch a sight of wet spots where there shouldn’t be any, thus enabling them to call in a plumber before serious problems can show up. If they are not, they might still be able to catch sight of more subtle signs of water damage such as stains, which will still be early enough for a plumber to minimize the potential consequences. The sooner that interested individuals become aware, the less problematic the outcome. This is because a wet spot can lead to not just mold and mildew but also much more serious problems such as sagging ceilings, cracking floorboards, and foundation damage.

What Are Some of the Potential Causes of a Leaking Pipe?

Moving on, here are some of the most common potential causes for a leaking pipe that Haslet, TX residents might want to watch out for:


Clogs are a very common problem when it comes to plumbing. In fact, there are a lot of people out there who will have encountered a clog at some point, which may or may not have been resolved with the help of a plumber. Regardless, one of the problems with clogs is that the water needs a place to go. Sometimes, this means that the water will start coming out of the drains because they are so backed-up. Other times, this means that the force of the water will cause the piping to burst, thus leading to leaking pipes and worse.


Corrosion is inevitable in piping. However, the rate of corrosion can be influenced by a wide range of factors. For example, hotter temperatures increase the rate at which corrosion happens. Likewise, there are some substances in the water such as calcium that can lead to unwanted build-up in the piping, which in turn, can have a similar effect on its deterioration.

Excess Water Pressure

It is important to remember that water is a physical thing. As a result, excess water pressure puts increased strain on the piping, which in turn, speeds up the rate at which it will wear out. Similarly, too many sudden changes in direction in the piping can increase the rate at which erosion occurs, thus contributing to the problem of the piping wearing out.

Rapid Temperature Changes

When an object is heated, it expands. In contrast, when an object is cooled, it contracts. Rapid temperature changes can wreak havoc on a wide range of objects because this kind of expand-contract cycle can put enormous stress on them.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are much, much stronger than what most people would expect. Thanks to this, it is possible for tree roots to breach piping, which is surprisingly common because trees have evolved so that tree roots seek out water. Should something like this happen, interested individuals should call in a plumber as soon as possible, not least because carelessness when searching for a pipe buried underground can lead to further damage.

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The simplest and most straightforward solution for a leaking pipe is to call in a plumber. Furthermore, the sooner that interested individuals call in a plumber, the better the expected outcome because of how leaks can worsen with time. Having said that, there is still the problem of choosing the right plumber, which is where we can step in.

In short, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, we know that our potential customers are faced with a difficult choice when they seek out plumbing services. Due to this, we are prepared to answer all of their questions so that they will be fully-informed about what we can do for them, thus providing them with peace of mind when seeking out our plumbing services.