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Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

For household’s that depend on gas for heating, cooking and hot water, safe gas lines are essential. If you are not a professional trained in gas line repair in Fort Worth, trying to work with a gas line can be a dangerous and costly mistake.

Gas is a clean and efficient fuel that is relatively safe. However, when gas line leaks occur, they are extremely dangerous, and can be deadly. The risks of a gas leak are suffocating, explosion and fire. When repair or installation is provided they require specialized equipment to test for leaks, equipment a Benjamin Franklin licensed plumber uses routinely.

For the homeowner, the best means to determine if you have a gas line leak is by the odor. An additive is added to naturally odorless natural gas that is similar to rotten eggs. The scent is added to help people identify a gas leak. If you detect the odor of gas, get everyone out of the house, and when you are safely away from your home, and the odor of gas, call 911 and your gas provider. Once the gas has been shut off, and the home declared safe to enter, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for gas line repair in Fort Worth. Remember, a gas leak is a problem you should never ignore, it is an emergency and should be treated as such.

There are other potential signs of a gas leak besides just the odor. These include:

  • Dead, dying or discolored plants and vegetation when no other possible cause is known. Contact a qualified plumber to check your gas lines.
  • A leak of pressurized gas can blow leaves, soil and other ground debris into the air.
  • When a leak occurs in the ground beneath a puddle of water or flooded area, bubbling may be visible in the water. Furthermore, odor may or may not be present with underground gas leaks.
  • Damaged gas connections may or may not leak, don’t wait, call a plumber for repair.
  • When pipelines are exposed due to a natural disaster, assume a leak may be present due to damage. If you smell gas call 911, and the gas provider. If you don’t smell gas contact a plumber in Fort Worth for a gas line inspection.
  • Flames may be present if the leak has ignited. Evacuate the area immediately.
  • A gas leak may make a hissing, roaring, whistling or blowing noise. If you hear the sound of a gas leak, call 911, the gas provider, and a plumber for gas line repair in Fort Worth.
  • If you are having difficulty lighting a pilot, a leak may be present. Contact a plumber for gas line repair in Fort Worth. 
  • An unusually high gas bill without a known cause may be due to a leak. Contact a plumber for gas line repair in Fort Worth promptly.

Guidelines for Gas Safety

  • When you suspect a gas leak all household members should leave the area immediately. In addition, don’t try to locate the leak yourself. Leave the door open as you exit to reduce the amount of gas accumulating in your home. Call 911 from a neighbor’s phone. Never use your home phone or a cell phone in the vicinity of a gas leak. Natural gas only requires the slightest spark to ignite.
  • Don’t use any electrical or battery operated item, don’t turn light switches, or appliances on or off. Furthermore, never strike a flame or smoke when a gas leak has occurred. Your single goal is to get everyone out of the home immediately.
  • Don’t try to start a car, motorcycle or any other form of transportation in the vicinity of a gas leak.
  • Call for the marking of utility lines, including gas lines before digging or excavating in your yard. Call 811 or your utility provider ahead of time.

When you suspect a gas leak in your home, contact Benjamin Franklin’s professional plumbers for gas leak detection and gas line repair in Fort Worth. Our gas certified, licensed plumbers serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas with the expertise you can count on. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.