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Gas Line Repair in Rhome, TX

Gas Line Repair in Rhome, TX

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Natural gas is a common form of energy used in several households. Gas leaks can be dangerous and are not something to be taken lightly. It is essential to maintain safety and efficiency when getting a gas leak fixed. You should check your gas line to see if you need gas line repair in Rhome, TX.


If any of the following signs are present, it’s time to get a service for gas line repair in Rhome, TX:

  • Unusual sounds
  • Unusual odors such as rotten egg smells
  • Condensation on windows
  • Headaches or feeling of dizziness
  • An explosion or fire near the gas line
  • Gas lines are corroded or rusted
  • Dying plants
  • Inflated gas bills

What Causes Gas Leaks?

It’s important to know the cause of your gas leak to avoid such a problem in the future. Gas leaks can stem from different sources. Heavy items hanging from a fuel line tend to stress the joints in the pipe and cause gas leaks. Older appliances are also a source of gas leaks. The seals connecting the piping on these appliances can corrode and lead to a gas leak. In addition, appliances like laundry machines or stoves that use sparks to ignite can become faulty and fail to ignite the gas. If the gas knob isn’t turned off properly, the gas can escape into the home. Gas lines last about 25 years, but failures can occur as early as two years. If you live in or have moved into an old home, which dates back to previous decades like the ’50s or so, it is worth getting your piping checked by a professional.

Safety Measures

If you notice any of the above in your house, you may have a gas leak. You may need a service for gas line repair in Rhome, TX. These are some safety measures you need to take in case of a gas leak:

  • Don’t use your cell phone or electric devices near the leak
  • Make sure to shut off all the gas valves in your home
  • Do not use flames or smoke
  • Do not turn electrical devices on or off
  • Do not attempt to locate the leak
  • Get a safe distance away from the house and call a utility service

You can ensure you avoid gas leaks in the first place by having annual gas line inspections and ensuring your gas lines have been installed by trained professionals. Opt for flexible gas lines and get them check regularly by a licensed professional.

The Process

While you should never work on such repairs yourself, you should ensure that the professional you hire for gas line repair in Rhome, TX does the following:

  1. Turns off the gas valve
  2. Removes the covers
  3. Detaches the gas line
  4. Removes any residue gas pressure
  5. Cleans the gas line
  6. Scuffs the surface
  7. Attaches the gas line again
  8. Applies the Epoxy
  9. Tests the gas lines
  10. Reinstalls the covers


There are some considerations you should make before getting a service for gas line repair in Rhome, TX:

1.   Cost

The cost of gas line repair in Rhome, TX is an important one. You shouldn’t pay too much for a service which does not cover enough. Repairing a gas pipe can have different prices because of a number of reasons:

  • Material Price. The length of replacement and the type of pipe used can add material costs to your overall bill.
  • Location of the leak. Here are some examples: leaks behind a stove are easy to remove so it doesn’t cost much. Leaks hidden in walls and crawlspaces take a time to find and can be costly. Buried lines require excavation and landscaping so they are the most costly.

2.   Methods of Repair

The most common repair methods according to industry standards are:

  • Replace as Cylinder
  • Deposition of Weld Metal
  • Mechanical Bolt-on Clamps
  • Remove by Grinding
  • Pressure-Containing Full Encirclement Sleeve
  • Reinforcing Full Encirclement Sleeve
  • Hot Tap
  • Composite Sleeve
  • Fittings

There are also other methods which can be used depending on your gas leak and the specialty of the service you’re planning to hire.

3.   Materials Used

Some repairs need materials which are difficult to find so your repair will take time. Also, ensure the materials used are durable and reliable so that you don’t need repairs again.

4.   Repair Size

You need to know the size of repair to determine which type of method from the ones mentioned above is best for your repair.

5.   Pressure Test Records

Pressure tests are an important means of knowing the fitness of a pipeline. So it’s essential to check the pipeline integrity if it is being replaced or repaired.

6.   Certification

Make sure the service you hire for gas line repair in Rhome, TX is qualified and certified to do the repairs properly. The professionals need to have the right training in order to do the work well and safely.

You save money and time if you hire a service for gas line repair in Rhome, TX. Gas line repair is dangerous so don’t risk your safety by attempting it yourself. You must also be aware of the codes of conduct so leaving the work to a professional is the best idea.

Hiring an efficient, affordable, experienced, and credible company is in your best interests. You can get to know whether a company fits the criteria by checking their licenses and customer reviews. Given that we have been in the industry since 1998, we can provide you with the best gas line repair in Rhome, TX. Our years of experience and high-quality work make us the best choice for gas line repair in Rhome, TX. We offer comprehensive services as well as emergency repairs. You can visit our website to get more information.