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How a Plumber Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient | Arlington, TX

How a Plumber Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient | Arlington, TX

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There is a strong conservation movement in the world today, and with good reason. Decreasing our energy usage helps reduce our carbon footprint on the earth, and that’s important. So, what is a good starting point when you want to convert your home for energy efficiency?

Your plumbing system is a perfect place to begin when you want to be more environmentally friendly. But don’t think you have to change everything at once. Your plumber can help you get started with a few changes at a time, so you can slowly transform your house.

Now, what if your plumber could help you become more environmentally friendly, increase the value of your home, and save money, all at the same time? Before you assume you can’t afford an upgrade, think about some of these basic plumbing upgrades that your Arlington, TX professional can do for you.

Low-Flow Toilets

Having a professional swap out your old toilet for an energy-efficient model can make a big difference in your family’s water consumption.

Your old-fashioned toilets are using a huge amount of water, whether you realize it or not. Traditional toilets use up to 7 gallons of water with each and every flush. Now think about how many times your toilets are flushed a day. That’s a lot of water going down the toilet.

In comparison, energy-efficient, low-flow toilets only require about 1.6 gallons per flush. That’s more than 5 gallons of water saved every time somebody flushes your toilet.

If that’s not enough of a savings to impress you, there are super-efficient models that only need 1.28 gallons to flush. Your Arlington, TX plumbing service can help you decide which model of low-flow toilets will work best in your home.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are designed for energy efficiency. This newer style of water heater works in a whole new way.

Instead of heating a 40- to 60-gallon tank of water and holding it at that temperature until it’s needed, tankless water heaters supply hot water on demand. These high-performance devices rapidly heat water in a closed loop system, releasing it when you need it.

Since it doesn’t have to hold all that water at a high temperature, tankless water heaters save energy. This more efficient means of supplying hot water has other benefits, too. Not only will you save money on your utility bills, you will also be blessed with an endless supply of hot water in your Arlington, TX home.

Low-Flow Faucets & Shower Heads

Changing to low-flow shower heads and faucets can significantly lower your home’s water usage. There has been some concern whether a low-flow shower head can provide the same quality performance.

The new low-flow shower heads use different technology that don’t rely on large volumes of water to provide a pleasing shower experience. Low-flow doesn’t have to mean low-pressure, so keep this one in mind.

By just making the switch to low-flow shower heads in your home, you could cut your water consumption up to 40 percent. This is a significant drop in water usage that will definitely be notice on your water bill.

Changing your sink faucets to low-flow technology adds to your water conservation efforts. As with the shower heads, these low-flow faucets perform as well as traditional styles. However, the switch will make a definite difference to the environment and your bank account.

Dual-Flush Toilets

Not familiar with the dual-flush toilet? It allows you to choose between a low volume and high-volume flush. When you have solid waste to flush, the high-volume button will take care of it. If you only have liquids to flush, you can choose the low volume option. Since the toilet is used more for liquids only, this makes a big difference over time.

When you have a plumber install dual-flush toilets in your home, the water saved is impressive. Traditional toilets require 6 or more liters of water to flush. However, dual-flush models use 4.8 liters or less.

Pressure-Reducing Valves

The water that comes out of your shower and faucets comes out with more pressure than you really need. Many homes have a water pressure of more than 70 psi. In truth, most experts agree that your home will likely work just fine at 35 psi.

A great way to conserve your water usage is to have a plumber install a pressure-reducing valve. This will lower the force of the water without interfering with the proper functioning of your household. If this is the only change you make, you will still be impressed with how much less water your family uses.

Insulate Your Pipes

Not sure you want to jump into a big change? There is a more affordable option that will help a lot. You can still conserve energy by simply having a plumber insulate your pipes well.

If you are unsure about your plumbing system’s insulation needs, you can have an Arlington, TX plumber come to your home for an inspection. An inspection might also alert your plumber to other issues you might not have been aware of, such as leaking pipes.

Pipes that are well-insulated retain their temperature much better than those without it. This helps them maintain their energy efficiency, requiring less energy to use.

You don’t have to convert your entire home at once to become more environmentally responsible. By just making a few simple changes in your plumbing system, your plumber can set your family on a much more eco-friendly path. Once you realize how much money you can save each month, you will probably want to add more energy-efficient touches.

If you are considering making energy-efficient alterations to your home, the licensed, insured plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbingin Arlington, TX can help. Skilled and experienced in all aspects of plumbing, these professionals can help you transform your home. Increase the value of your home, while you are saving money and resources with new plumbing technology.