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How to Deal with the Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems | Plumbers in Crowley, TX

How to Deal with the Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems | Plumbers in Crowley, TX

Winter is knocking on the door. The temperature is about to plummet and that means there’s going to be a lot of winter plumbing problems on the horizon. Homeowners mostly neglect these problems with Plumbing in Crowley, TX because no one really pays attention to their plumbing system until something breaks. That’s a bad strategy to take care of anything, regardless of what it is. You should take steps to curtail or minimize or at the most prevent damage from winter to your plumbing system. It’s the most economical thing to do, and it’s the smart thing to do for your comfort.

If you live where a cold snap can drag the temperature down to a point where the pipes can freeze, you need some help from Plumbers in Crowley, TX. Don’t try to solve this problem yourself because there are so many parameters to take care of and so many things to keep in mind. At the very least you’ll end up overpaying for a solution that has a much easier fix, and at the most, you’ll end up breaking something that will cost a ton to get fixed.

Here are the most common plumbing problems that can occur in the winter.

Frozen Piping

If the temperature drops close or below zero, there’s an excellent chance that your pipes may freeze. This can be prevented pretty easily by ensuring that your pipes are properly protected. Professional Plumbers in Crowley, TX can help you with that without a doubt. You need to shut off the main water supply as quickly as possible to minimize damage though. Don’t underestimate what water can do to your plumbing system in the winter. Hence, it’s better to cut off the source of the damage completely.

That being said, it’s also a good idea to leave your taps open slightly after you’ve done that since slow movement of water inside the pipes causes friction and prevents them from freezing; it also reduces pressure which is great.

It’ll decrease the pressure on your plumbing system and reduce the likelihood of anything braking. After that, you can call in professional help.

Poor Heating/Water Heater Malfunction

Boiler systems are inactive for the majority of the summer. So when you suddenly turn them on and drive the intensity up to 11, you’re bound to get some push back. In fact, some systems can break down because the heaters have been put under great strain.

If you feel that the heater you own isn’t giving you quite the juice it once did and you’re getting lukewarm water at best, make sure that your power source is working or that your boiler pressure is at optimum levels. Of course all of this can be done by professional Plumbers in Crowley, TX without breaking a sweat since they keep getting calls like this all the time.

Depending on what kind of heater you own (gas or electric), the problems you face may have different solutions and depending on the setup you have in your home, it may take minutes or sometimes, hours to fix the damage, depending on how extensive it is.

To make sure that this problem doesn’t occur at all, have your water heater serviced every six months and keep it running from time to time. Honestly, the latter is the best thing you can do for your Plumbing in Crowley, TX. The longer something is in moderate to heavy operation, the more likely it is to stay in good working condition. Otherwise, rust gathers on everything and strain takes its toll on us all.

Water Line Break

Standing water in the pipes can sometimes cause a big problem. It can freeze and cause blocks in places which can cause a huge pressure build up. This can lead to leaks and pipe breaks and cause severe damage to your piping system if left unchecked. If there’s one thing that you should do for your Plumbing in Crowley, TX, it is to keep using it. Taking a cue from the last point, you should always have your equipment running from time to time. If not, you could risk it getting rusty, getting blocked, malfunctioning, or just plain breaking.

Preventive Techniques

A few ways to cut down on costs is to avoid these damages and problems altogether. For instance, for the water heater, you should keep it running from time to time even in the summer. This isn’t to say that you should leave it on all day, every day. But you should consider firing it up once a week, or once every two weeks just to see that it is still in great shape.

To avoid any outdoor pipes from freezing, you should turn off any outside water by using the shut off valves that are usually located in the basement or near the sinks in the outside wall. This will prevent your outside pipes from freezing. If there is no water in them at all, there’s nothing to freeze. That’s a bona fide fact for Plumbing in Crowley, TX.

As for the indoor Plumbing in Crowley, TX, you need to make sure that the inside temperature stays above 13 degrees centigrade during the winter. Even if you’re away from home, you should keep the house heated. If you have any pipes in the cabinet near an outside wall, you should open the cabinet and let the air circulate.

These helpful tips will at least save your Plumbing in Crowley, TX from excessive damage and save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and replacements.

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