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Most Common Water Leak Issues – Here’s How a Plumber Can Help | Plumber in Arlington

Most Common Water Leak Issues – Here’s How a Plumber Can Help | Plumber in Arlington

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People often disregard water leaks as trivial issues. They try to fix them by themselves instead of calling a professional plumber in Arlington. However, they don’t realize that delaying fixes worsens these problems over time. Consequently, they find themselves in a large mess once the issues gets out of hand.

Most homeowners don’t have any idea about the plumbing hidden in their walls and floors. Even detecting leaks in a faucet can get tricky sometimes for the homeowner. Smart homeowners realize that timely intervention by a plumber in Arlington can help them avoid major plumbing problems.

Besides that, a plumber in Arlington can detect other issues in your plumbing system and fix them before they become a nuisance. As a homeowner, you should keep an eye out for the following signs to know if you’re suffering from a water leak or not:

Discolored Water

Discolored water is a telltale sign that your plumbing system is suffering from an internal leak. Homeowners will notice that water running from the faucet looks discolored and murky. Once they see this, they should stop using the water immediately and call a plumber in Arlington to look at the problem.

Most times, discoloring of water means that there has been a major leak in your water supply. This happens as a consequence of badly damaged pipes within your home or the ones outside. People should avoid using discolored water, let alone drinking it.

The water changes its color after getting exposed to some contamination. Usually, the color comes from rust inside the damaged pipe. However, it can also be exposed to hazardous substances underground.

These leaks tend to happen in older homes where pipes aren’t replaced in years. You should avoid testing your plumbing system on your own as it could worsen the problem and cause the affected pipe to leak even more. Relying on a plumber in Arlington is safer and won’t result in burst pipelines.

A plumber in Arlington will have the necessary equipment to run a pipe leak test. So, he won’t have any problems in determining what has caused this water problem. On the other hand, a typical homeowner will spend hours looking for the origin of the leak. Moreover, a plumber in Arlington can replace the damaged pipes without interfering with other parts of your plumbing system.

Toilet Water Running Problems

A toilet can have a variety of problems; however, a refilling reservoir is one of the most common ones. It happens mostly when the reservoir has some issue and fails to stop water from refilling itself.

Usually a broken flapper or float is responsible for releasing water in the toilet bowl. However, these parts are found at local home repair shops and you can replace them without much trouble.

On the other hand, problems such as faulty water lines are much more serious. They can cause the toilet reservoir to overflow excessively. So, it’s a good idea to call a plumber in Arlington when you see your toilet flushing water continuously.

Running toilets not only waste excessive amounts of water but also play their part in developing sewage problems. If you want to avoid sewage problems and increasing your water bill, call a professional plumber in Arlington without wasting time.

Water Leak Stains & Spots

Besides toilets, water line leaks can occur in other parts of your home. These leaks usually surface in the form of dark spots and unusual lines on your wall. You can also spot them by keeping an ear for dripping noises. If you hear not able to see where the dripping sound is coming from, it’s possible that there is a leak inside your wall.

Homeowners in Arlington shouldn’t avoid water leaks at any cost. Leaving these leaks unattended can have dangerous repercussions for the people living in your home. A water line leak can corrode walls from the inside out and weaken them eventually. Consequently, there is a risk that these weakened floors and ceilings can collapse and harm anyone nearby.

Besides that, the dampness from these leaks can cause mold and mildew to grow. As you might know, these organic allergens are harmful to your health. Moreover, leaving these issues unattended can lead to expensive repair for your walls.

Whenever you see damp stains, or hear dripping noises you can’t find the origin of, turn your water supply off. After that, call a plumber in Arlington so that the issue can get fixed.

Smells Coming from Drains

Though water lines issues are bad, sewer line problems are more dangerous because of the health hazards they cause. Neglecting these problems can cause them to worsen over time. A sewer line problem is pretty easy to detect because of the sharp, putrid smell that comes with it. Sometimes, sewage water can get mixed with your normal draining causing bath tubs, sinks and shower drains to smell of sewage.

Whenever you start noticing unusual smells coming from a drain, chances are a sewage line has been clogged. Calling a professional plumber in Arlington can stop the problem from getting worse.

A plumber in Arlington will have special tools that easily identify the source of any sewer leakage. The plumber can launch these tools inside the sink and toilet drain pipes to see where the real problem lies.

It’s essential to have these leaks fixed immediately. Delaying these fixes will create an unhealthy and unpleasant environment for your family.

If you find any of these issues in your home, feel free to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing on its website. You can also call at 817-983-7876 to avail their emergency services.