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What Do You Need to Know About Expansion Tanks? | Plumbers in Rhome, TX

What Do You Need to Know About Expansion Tanks? | Plumbers in Rhome, TX

If you have an old water heater but there is no tank attached to it then you might not know what an expansion tank is. Truth be told, expansion tanks have been around for so long but they are more needed now than in previous times.

What is an Expansion Tank?

An expansion tank looks like a boiler or mini tank. Typically it sits adjacent to or on top of the water heater. An expansion tank, as the plumbers in Rhome, TX state, comes in a variety of sizes. The size that is best for you depends on the water pressure. The two major factors of the expansion tank are the size that is measured in gallons and the temperature the water gets heated too.

But the question what makes these factors so important?

Well, when the water gets heated, we know it expands and the water pressure inside the tank vessel increases especially when there is no additional room for such thermal expansion. The traditional plumbing systems of water heater were designed in a way that water heater’s expanding water could easily be pushed back and outside the home.

This water goes into public water main that eventually absorbs the pressure. However, the major reason why this mechanism didn’t work is that there are some government agencies and companies which do not allow the backflow of such water into their system, especially when it is unpredictable.

According to plumbers in Rhome, TX, the plumbing systems used today that also includes the hot water heater unit in your home, make use of controls and some other devices. These devices include check valves for comfort and efficiency, usually creating a ‘closed system’. The main reason to have these one-way valves is to avoid water from flowing back and out of the home through the supply piping that avoids a possible contamination from involving the water supply used publicly.

The Problem of Check Valves

The plumbers in Rhome, TX suggest that the inherent issue with check valves located in the system is that the pressure of water builds up in that closed system and it continues to build up unless someone shut open the valve. However, if this pressure continues to build up for a long time and get high enough, it creates a huge risk of damage to different plumbing fixtures, water heater, and also to water supply piping.

So why do we need to install a water heater expansion tank now?

Well, all types of water heaters, no matter, if they use natural gas, heating oil, propane or electricity, may suffer severe negative effect due to thermal expansion when the cold water comes into the tank and turns into a hot water. This process increases the overall volume, as well as the pressure inside, that must be released to ensure overall safety.

That is exactly when the old yet smart expansion water tank comes to play. When you install an expansion tank that is both sized properly and installed by taking the assistance of a professional plumber in Rhome, TX, it easily absorbs the additional water into a proper bladder. This bladder is located inside your expansion tank and easily reduces or minimizes the additional pressure inside the water heater unit.

Since many hot water heaters don’t have expansion tanks installed, if your domestic water heating system is not comprised of working expansion or thermal tank, swings in terms of water pressure may take years off the tank’s integrity as bursting or leaking of water heater tank. This happens as the water heater’s glass lining and other similar plumbing components and fixtures get damaged and stressed.

When you use an expansion tank, as the plumbers in Rhome, TX suggest, it helps in maintaining a reduced and minimal pressure increase at the time of heated water expansion. It assists in reducing water hammer and helps in protecting your plumbing system from unnecessary strain. This also helps in increasing the longevity of your overall system. Needless to say, in order to avoid the premature failures, it is mandatory that you get your expansion tank checked annually or on a regular basis.

Why is it important to inspect your expansion tank annually?

Well, just like any other appliance in your house, it is very necessary to keep the expansion tank well maintained. As mentioned above and as the plumbers in Rhome, TX suggest, an expansion tank play a major role in keeping your water heating system functional. It helps in reducing the water pressure and keep reduced stress on the plumbing system. Otherwise, such stress on plumbing system may result in different plumbing issues.

Just like it is important to keep our heating and cooling system well maintained, similarly, an expansion tank is also an integral part of your heating system. In extension to that, it is also important to look for only the most reputed and reliable plumbing service in Rhome, TX.

If you hand over the expansion tank to nonprofessional service providers, they are likely to cause more damage than any resolution. Thus make sure you hire only the ones who are well versed in handling these plumbing issues. Also, an inspection or maintenance of expansion tank may seem like an unnecessary expense initially but it saves you a lot of amount in the long run.

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